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Practicing for Perfection- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 continued to make appearances throughout the territory to the delight of observers. E9 performed beautiful and purposeful soaring in the skies twisting, turning and eluding the birds giving chase. Harriet and M15 frequented the tall power poles to perch on as they watched over their domain. E9 displayed courage perching for the first time on the tallest pole which is usually reserved for Harriet. E9 has become a secure and confident Juvenile Eagle while acquiring more skills. Areas away from the nest pasture found E9 watching Harriet and M15… Read More »Practicing for Perfection- Weekly Nest Notes

The Hunt is On- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 has become a great flyer and explorer of the territory. Twists and turns maneuvering through the trees feeling the freedom of soaring have taken E9 to new and exciting places. E9 practices and sharpens lessons learned and inherent skills with each new day. Nature has provided E9 with many of the necessary tools for survival and with great Eagle parents to pave the way for E9’s success. E9 has grown in confidence and courage engaging in hunting and fishing behaviors, skimming the pond flushing out the water fowl swimming… Read More »The Hunt is On- Weekly Nest Notes