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Great Explorations- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 has blossomed into a magnificent Juvenile Eagle over the past 3 months. Although the time seems to have passed quickly, E9 has become quite adept at many needed survival skills. E9 executes beautiful sweeping flights and maneuvers throughout the territory. Natural curiosity drives E9 to venture farther to new places. E9 was seen soaring in the skies last week and has followed Mom and Dad to scope out some of their favorite place throughout the rest of the week. E9 made daily jaunts to Yonder Pond and was observed… Read More »Great Explorations- Weekly Nest Notes

Exploring the Great Unknown: Nest Notes- April 12-19

E6 greets the early mornings with eagerness and is discovering new and interesting experiences within and outside the nest territory. E6’s curiosity and drive for adventure is apparent in the skies and on land at the pond bank. E6 enjoys lengthy flights sweeping through the clouds and back alone and at times with Mom. E6 even finds entertainment with the small knots and knurls on the tree branches landing on them, pulling off bits and pieces and at times tumbling off only to regain flight and try it all over… Read More »Exploring the Great Unknown: Nest Notes- April 12-19

Majestic Harriet and Ozzie- Nest Notes for Nov 1-8

The week was filled with amazing feats and observations of our favorite eagle pair Harriet and Ozzie. They greet each other in the nest before dawn and plan the day’s “nestoration” projects. Ozzie tests out the nest bowl with the “sit and shimmy”. Ozzie performs his duties well as he continues to add branches and grasses to the nest to provide a safe and soft environment for Harriet and their soon to be offspring. A few such branches were so big it was interesting and comical to watch him maneuver… Read More »Majestic Harriet and Ozzie- Nest Notes for Nov 1-8

Deliveries & More: Weekly Nest Update (Oct. 25- Nov 1)

Harriet and Ozzie’s busy week was filled with many deliveries including branches for strengthening the rails and grasses and moss for softness in nest bowl. Most of the material was brought by Ozzie but Harriet also added a few sticks and two pine cones of her own. There have been many moments of nest building that included some serious “discussions” between the love birds. Mostly the building is done by Ozzie but Harriet likes to add her touches. There have also been tender moments of bonding. At special times Harriet… Read More »Deliveries & More: Weekly Nest Update (Oct. 25- Nov 1)