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Practicing for Perfection- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 continued to make appearances throughout the territory to the delight of observers. E9 performed beautiful and purposeful soaring in the skies twisting, turning and eluding the birds giving chase. Harriet and M15 frequented the tall power poles to perch on as they watched over their domain. E9 displayed courage perching for the first time on the tallest pole which is usually reserved for Harriet. E9 has become a secure and confident Juvenile Eagle while acquiring more skills. Areas away from the nest pasture found E9 watching Harriet and M15… Read More »Practicing for Perfection- Weekly Nest Notes

The Waiting Game- Weekly Nest Notes

The countdown to eggs has begun. The nest has been constructed, Harriet and M15 have been mating regularly, M15 delivers meals for Harriet and all systems seem to be a go. Anticipation grows waiting for the arrival of precious egg. The parents to be seem to spend more time together closer to the nest as the time nears. M15 makes the dash for sticks and soft nest material to put the finishing touches to the sturdy and sound nest he and Harriet have built together. All eyes are fixed waiting… Read More »The Waiting Game- Weekly Nest Notes

A Tribute to Ozzie

We celebrate the life of Ozzie the Eagle devoted partner to Harriet and protector of their many offspring. Ozzie valiantly endured the many challenges of Eagle life with tenacity and courage. He displayed fierceness in defending his territory and gentleness tending to his young.  Mystery surrounds the workings of nature. We observe, record and study trying to understand life as an Eagle. Ozzie taught us the way of the Eagle is to propagate and protect their species at all costs. The plight of the Eagle is to survive and thrive… Read More »A Tribute to Ozzie