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Weekly Nest Notes: Double Duty Teamwork

Harriet and M15 have been on a steady pace constructing a secondary nest. Over the seasons, Harriet has taken sticks to a tree in the West pasture. This Season, she added a substantial amount there, and a proper nest began to take shape. Since the Female Eagle rules the roost, M15 joined her in the Nest 2 project. Harriet’s interests now seem to be on the original nest prompting M15 to turn his sights there. Harriet enjoyed fish and opossum meals she brought to the nest and also the gifted… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Double Duty Teamwork

Weekly Nest Notes: Decisions, Decisions

Harriet and M15 started and ended their days at the original nest. They aerated, moved and added some sticks and nesting. M15 lay in the nest bowl and kicked out the material with his feet. M15 follows Harriet’s lead as she insists on building Nest 2 in the West pasture snag tree.  He is always watching for Harriet and catering to her wishes. He delivered food gifts to Harriet in the original nest and Nest 2, since he was observed removing a pelt from there. Harriet and M15 are in… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes:
Decisions, Decisions

Weekly Nest Notes: The Path Forward

Harriet and M15 begin each Nesting Season with new challenges to navigate. They solidify their bond to each other and prepare to raise a new family. One major difference this year has been the presence of E15, their offspring from last Season. Harriet and M15’s  instincts to care for their young were intermixed with their desire to move toward their goal.  E15 was last seen in the area on November 2, 2020, and may have embarked on a path forward to explore life away from the comforts of home. Harriet… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: The Path Forward

Weekly Nest Notes: The Dynamic Eagle Family

Harriet, M15, and E15 are involved in an intriguing family dynamic as the Nesting Season progresses. E15 remains in the area, appears to have staked a claim of the nest, and shows no signs of leaving.  E15 interferes with any efforts to refurbish the nest by treating a stick delivery as food and rushing in. Harriet has been extremely protective of her prized nest and tree over the years. Harriet and M15 rebuilt this nest from scratch when the original collapsed in 2016. So far, they have not deterred or… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes:
The Dynamic Eagle Family

Weekly Nest Notes: Comforts of Home- Oct. 12

 E15 remains in the area and is enjoying all the comforts of home. E15 explores areas of the territory but doesn’t venture far just in case there is an opportunity to get a meal. M15 and even Harriet presented food and E15 took them up on their offerings. Surprisingly, Mom and Dad are feeding their capable Juvenile Eagle. E15 did manage to “hunt” a few items including a frog on his/her own. E15 is in no hurry to leave the area and may stay as long as food is easy… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Comforts of Home- Oct. 12

Weekly Nest Notes: Signs of Coming Events (March 23)

Harriet and M15 are entering the final phase of incubating their priceless Eggs and hopefully, next week will reveal the results of their dedication. This nesting Season came to an unfortunate abrupt ending, but Harriet and M15 decided that they would persevere by starting anew. They are completely invested in fulfilling their goal of bringing new life into the Eagle world. They have performed in their usual fine-tuned manner as they exchange and share nest duties. Food has begun to trickle into the nest which is one sign of coming… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Signs of Coming Events (March 23)

Nest Notes: Harriet Leads by Example

Photo by Jan WoodsPhoto by Jan Woods Harriet is a well seasoned Eagle partner and Mom. She has excelled in her ability to adapt to her challenges and raise her young. She has imprinted many lessons on to her offspring as they grew into strong juvenile Eagles who ventures off into the world. Harriet always seemed to rule the roost, so to speak. Female Eagles appear to be the dominant partner in Eagle family dynamics. We observed Harriet in her gentle but also firm ways in raising her young and… Read More »Nest Notes: Harriet Leads by Example