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southwest eaglecam

Weekly Nest Notes: Time to Discover the World

E15 and E16 are nearing the time for them to each make their way to discover the world. They have keen instincts and are well schooled in ways of Eagle life. They have been engaging and sharpening skills over the weeks and seem ready for new experiences.  They keep a close watch for Harriet and M15 and an eye on each other just in case a meal is brought in. They have learned that Eagles and other birds may lead them to prey where they will have to use their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Time to Discover the World

Weekly Nest Notes: The Great Defenders

E12 and E13 have been observing Mom and Dad over the months taking in all the valuable lessons and putting them into play. Mom reminded E13 to not give up on the food when she went to the nest to finish a meal that Dad delivered. E13 immediately returned to nest to engage in a tug-0-war winning the prize. Dad then delivered a fish and E13 mantled and claimed that too. E13 has perfected the art of the steal and did an excellent job of protecting and defending all the… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: The Great Defenders

The Rewards of Adventure- Weekly Nest Notes

E7 has been building quite a list of accomplishments exploring nearly every branch in the nest tree and discovering new perches in the trees in the pasture. Flights from take off to landing are becoming more finely tuned as agility and stamina increase. E8 is gaining momentum exploring the outer and higher branches of the nest tree for the first time. E8 has progressed in short flights between the farthest branches and has no doubt sensed the feeling of flight while hovering above the branches. There have been interesting interactions… Read More »The Rewards of Adventure- Weekly Nest Notes

Keeping with Nature’s Plan- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet continues on with her innate desire to build the bond with M15 and produce a new generation of Eagles. The bond has been developing over time and there have been many critical steps in the pairing of these two. M15 has been very energetic in his efforts to please Harriet. He has become more consistent in delivering meals to the nest for Harriet. He has been bringing softer nest material to welcome any possible eggs. M15 keeps his protective sights on the territory turning away any potential intruders. His… Read More »Keeping with Nature’s Plan- Weekly Nest Notes