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bird nest

Weekly Nest Notes: Breaking Records Along the Way

E15 and E16 are intelligent and observant Eaglets taking the lessons of Eagle life in stride. At 8 weeks old they are almost fully grown with magnificent wingspans that allow them to flap away,  jump, and gain airtime in the breezes. They are balanced and confident in their jaunts around the nest and time perched on the rails. E15 has been eyeing the veranda and porch branches and looking curiously the Starlings perched there. Seeing Mom and Dad in the upper branches may have been an invitation for adventure. On… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Breaking Records Along the Way

Weekly Nest Notes (Oct 22, 2019)- Securing the Home Front

Harriet and M15 are on a mission adding to the nest rail perimeter which is growing higher and higher.  M15 snags perfectly curved sticks from the nearby trees and Harriet finds a fresh sprig of pine to adorn their nest. M15 tests out the nest bowl, lying in it for a few minutes then flying off to gather softer grasses for the center.  As they make all the essential adjustments to their sprawling nest, their home front is looking strong and secure to contain soon to arrive feisty eaglets. Harriet… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes (Oct 22, 2019)- Securing the Home Front

Weekly Nest Notes (Oct. 14) : Building & Bonding

Harriet and M15 continued their “nestorations” through the week showing their impressive skills. Early mornings find them performing amazing aerial stick grabs, returning to the nest with their “catches.” Harriet has done her fair share of nest building while giving orders to M15 on material placement. Harriet also reminds M15 of her intentions with her vocals and  famous foot “love tap” when she is ready for mating. They are well-tuned with each other and the time for building and bonding is robust. Harriet and M15 are united in all their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes (Oct. 14) : Building & Bonding

The Day of Rest- Nest Notes, Photos & Video for Jan. 19

The atmosphere on the South West Florida Eagle nest was one of peace and rest. After a trying week, Ozzie and Harriet had great success in their hunting to satisfy the growing appetites of E3 and E4. Smaller, younger E4 almost ate a whole fish in a private feeding by Mom and may soon be catching up to larger sibling E3. Ozzie delivered several fish to the nest today. Harriet and Ozzie brought branches, moss and a pinecone with greenery. They worked on building up the nest rails, did some… Read More »The Day of Rest- Nest Notes, Photos & Video for Jan. 19

E’s at the Smorgasbord- Nest Notes for Jan 7.

Harriet kept the growing little E’s warm and toasty in the cold, windy overnight hours. The sun helped to warm the nest as the day went on but the wind was still cool. This weather didn’t seem to bother E3 and E4 at all. Their day was filled with feeding, sleeping and growing. They are entering week 3 in their growth stage. Their appetite is growing along with them and Mom and Dad have been diligently keeping the food deliveries coming. Mom and Dad both took sweeping flights around the… Read More »E’s at the Smorgasbord- Nest Notes for Jan 7.