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SWFEC Nest Notes: Gaining Knowledge and Skill

E19 and E20 made progress with their Eagle education throughout the week. The weather turned cool with wind and rain, prompting them to flap and jump around the nest with excitement. M15’s presence in the nest stopped E20 from going over the edge by a strong wind gust. E19 and E20 engaged in tandem winging around the nest in a downpour. They fly-hopped to and from the veranda branch, perched side by side, and took in the views. E19 and E20 sharpen their skills and gain more knowledge each day.… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Gaining Knowledge and Skill

SWFEC Nest Notes: Reaching For Higher Perches

E19 and E20 are turning ten weeks old and are breezing through many milestones along their journey. Their magnificent wings catch the wind lifting them higher and higher with more control and courage. E19 winged up to the veranda branch just off the nest for the first time. E20 wanted to join in all the activities and fly hopped to the branch two days later. E19 and E20 moved on and off the veranda branch, with sights set on reaching higher places. E19 and E20 perched on the veranda branch… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Reaching For Higher Perches

SWFEC Nest Notes: Words for The Week- Wings, Wings, Wings

E19 and E20 have grown to striking stature, becoming impressively strong and courageous. They move freely around the nest in search of treasures or morsels of food. They stand and flap sprawling wings on top of the nest rails, balanced and secure. They have their sights set on upper branches as their magnificent wings catch the wind lifting them higher and higher. The nest seems to be getting smaller as they flap, hop and jump from place to place. They bump into and off of each other and tussle for… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Words for The Week- Wings, Wings, Wings

SWFEC Nest Notes: Extraordinary Young Eagles

E19 and E20 are turning eight weeks old and are on extraordinary paths in their young lives. They have surpassed many milestones along the way and are refining their skills. Their presence in the nest is stunning as they are nearly adult size with expansive wings reaching the far edges of the nest. E19 and E20 catch the air, flap away, feel the wind. They are gaining strength and height and will soon be hovering above the nest to prepare for future flights. E19 and E20 have eaten a large… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Extraordinary Young Eagles

SWFEC Nest Notes: Brilliant Beauties

E19 and E20 stand tall and strong along the edge of the nest, and viewing them from the ground is a wondrous sight. They are brilliant beauties covered in Juvenile feathers, with magnificent wings extending across the nest flapping in the breeze. They watch the activity, track the birds flying overhead, and warn away any intruders from their nest. E19 and E20’s behaviors show their sense of self-awareness and self-protection. They are becoming great forces in their own right. E19 and E20 anticipate Mom and Dad arriving with prey and… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Brilliant Beauties

SWFEC Nest Notes: Changing By The Minute

E19 and E20 are turning six weeks old and are changing by the minute. Their beautiful dark juvenile feathers are quickly emerging. Telling them apart is difficult as they become closer in stature. Their behaviors are the most telling difference between them. E20 practices and has a good technique of self-feeding while sitting and holding the prey to pull off pieces. E20 “steals” food from E19 and Mom and Dad. It is no surprise that E20 achieved these skills first in finding ways to get to the meal. E19, still… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Changing By The Minute

SWFEC Nest Notes: Expanding All Over

E19 and E20 experience rapid growth of their tiny bodies that were about 3 ounces at hatch and are inching closer to Mom and Dad’s weight. They are standing, taking more steps, and gaining better balance and leg strength. Dark juvenile feathers emerge everywhere, especially on their beautifully growing wings that look like artists’ brushes. Cool and breezy weather prompts E19 and E20 to begin exercising and flapping their expanding wingspan. Harriet and M15 make sure E19 and E20 are well-nourished, contributing to their tremendous growth. Mom and Dad deliver… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Expanding All Over

SWFEC Nest Notes: Growing Tall and Strong

E19 and E20 turn four weeks old, are about a foot tall, and weigh 5 to 6 pounds. Their wingspan is nearly 2 feet, and juvenile feathers are popping out. Wiggly tails are almost 3 inches long, and big yellow feet and beaks are close to adult size. E19 and E20 are on a swift path in their development and are growing tall and strong. Harriet and M15 hunt far and wide to bring in prey for their ravenous babies. A wide variety of food has been brought to the… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Growing Tall and Strong

SWFEC Nest Notes: Eat, Sleep, Grow

Harriet and M15 seem to delight in the progress of their precious E19 and E20. So far, life has been mostly about eating, sleeping, and growing. E19 and E20 change in the blink of an eye as dark thermal down replaces the light fluff. Juvenile feathers begin to emerge on little wingtips.  E19 and E20 begin to discover and practice new innate behaviors and learn skills. Harriet and M15 perch above E19 and E20 as they scamper freely around the nest, peek above and through the nest rails. E19 and… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Eat, Sleep, Grow

SWFEC Nest Notes: Two Weeks Old and Sprouting All Over

Harriet and M15 watch as their precious Eaglets turn two weeks old and sprout out all over. E19 and E20 have thermal down emerging to help them regulate their body temperatures. Feet and wings seem to be growing faster than other body parts making them look awkward. They are almost too big to get under Dad and Mom for shade from the Florida sun or warmth over the cool nights. Harriet and M15 deliver plentiful, nutritious food that contributes to the tremendous growth spurts E19 and E20 are experiencing. Feeding… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Two Weeks Old and Sprouting All Over