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SWFEC Nest Notes Extra: Honoring M15 on Father’s Day

M15 has become a finely seasoned Eagle Dad to his offspring over the last seven years. He offers unyielding support from the start of each Season with nest building, incubating and tending to eggs, feeding young Eaglets, and teaching fledglings by example. M15 is an exceptional hunter and a fierce protector keeping his family safe and secure. He remains loyal and devoted to his partner Harriet, and their bond is unfailing. As the Seasons wind down, M15 and Harriet retreat to their well-deserved downtime. They will prepare to begin the… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes Extra: Honoring M15 on Father’s Day

SWFEC Nest Notes: E20 Proclaims “I’m Still Here”

E20 is past the average time when former Juveniles embarked on their journeys of discovery. E20 seems to be enjoying the comforts of home long after sibling E19 took to the skies on their big adventure. E20 claimed the pond area as their haven for easy access to steal a meal or a food drop. E20 uses this extended time to perfect hunting skills and has amazingly caught several fish in the pond. E20 spent an overnight away from the pasture but arrived home the next day. E20 has all… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: E20 Proclaims “I’m Still Here”

SWFEC Nest Notes Extra: Mother’s Day Honors for Harriet

Harriet begins each Nesting Season with a clear focus on adding a new generation of offspring to the Eagle world.  Motherhood is her forte, and she is unmatched in her role. She is the foundation that upholds her family. Harriet expends her all for the care of her precious babies.  She is loyal to her mate M15 and commands his devotion. They work together as a finely tuned partnership to fulfill Harriet’s goals. Harriet seems to exude enormous pride as she surveys her territory. She excels in all aspects, from… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes Extra: Mother’s Day Honors for Harriet

SWFEC Nest Notes: The Next Chapters

E19 and E20 broke into the world a few short months ago, grew well and quickly, and transformed into brilliant beauties ready to take on Eagle life. They graduated from the nest to the branches above and eventually to the freedom of flight. They explored the perches and trees close by, found peace and comfort at the pond, and flew the skies higher and farther. These experiences have prepared them for coming adventures. E19 and E20 perched on the pond fence and watched for opportunities to grab a meal. They… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: The Next Chapters

SWFEC Nest Notes: Coming Of Age

E19 and E20 are turning four months old and have blossomed into competent Juvenile Eagles. Their presence is stunning, and they are fearless forces in the territory. They have been encouraged and tested in using their skills and instincts. They pass with flying colors as they come of age to soon begin their life journeys. E19 and E20 honed their hunting and fishing skills as they perched near the pond, watching and waiting. They practiced swooping on the ducks and other birds. They focused on movement in the water and… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Coming Of Age

SWFEC Nest Notes: Ready For The Greatest Adventure

E19 and E20 have become masterful young Juveniles soaring the skies and searching for new experiences. They are observant, taking in all the activity around them. They are courageous in defense of their territory. They are intelligent, absorb all the lessons presented, and are nearly ready for their big adventures. E19 and E20 are at the point in their development when food is less convenient. They conserve their energy by finding a perch with good views for the chance to “catch” a meal. M15 dropped prey near the pond and… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Ready For The Greatest Adventure

SWFEC Nest Notes: The Exceptional Explorers

E19 and E20 are fantastic flyers as they take off in the early morning on flights to new destinations. They frolicked in the West pasture trees and Nest 2 there. They laze in the shade of the pond trees on warm afternoons. They expand their horizons as they soar higher and farther in the territory. In the evenings, E19 and E20 retreat to the familiarity of the nest tree after a long day of adventures. E19 and E20 become more confident in all aspects of their lives. Harriet and M15… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: The Exceptional Explorers

SWFEC Nest Notes: Savvy Juveniles Surpassing Milestones

E19 and E20 elevated their skills to new levels in these two weeks since their initial flight from the nest tree. They take to the skies with ease and soar with confidence and control. They show their agility and ability to recover even from a missed branch in foggy morning conditions. They perch together, engage in mock battles at the pond, chase each other, and practice defending their territory.  E19 ad E20 are surpassing milestones at a record-setting pace and are gathering Eagle life lessons for the journey forward. E19… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Savvy Juveniles Surpassing Milestones

SWFEC Nest Notes: Flawless Flights, First Baths, and Finding Treasures

E19 and E20’s journey from hatch to fledge (first flight) seems to have flown by quickly. Since realizing the freedom of flight last week, they boundlessly explore the far corners of the area.  E19 performed nearly flawless flights with steady and controlled take-offs and landings. E20 cautiously took short flights around the pasture and eventually expanded upward and outward. E19 and E20 discovered snags and trees in the area and the fence along the driveway and looked for more. E19 and E20 ventured to the pasture pond, which until now… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Flawless Flights, First Baths, and Finding Treasures

SWFEC Nest Notes: E19 and E20 Take The First Flights to Freedom

E19 Fledge on Sunday March 20, 2022 at 11:57 a.m. E20 Fledge on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 3:46 p.m. E19 and E20 have reached Adult-size in their 12 weeks of growing tall and strong. Their stature is exceptional as the nest seems to shrink when the Family is together on the nest. E19 and E20 appear to be bigger than the Adults because of flight feathers that are longer for ease as they learn to fly. E19 and E20 have performed well in their winging sessions, hovering high, and… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: E19 and E20 Take The First Flights to Freedom