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Where were you? Nest Activity for Dec 5

Harriet began calling to Ozzie before sunrise. Where art thou, Ozzie? Harriet seemed to become impatient as the morning went on. Ozzie arrived on the nest at 7:23 am, much later than he had in the past. Harriet let Ozzie know a few things before she departed the nest tree and continued to vocalize from her perch in the camera 2 tree. Ozzie resumed the incubating duties of their precious eggs, spending the morning rolling the eggs and fluffing up the nest bowl. SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Thursday, December 05, 2013… Read More »Where were you? Nest Activity for Dec 5

Ready for Landing- Nest Activity for Dec 3.

Ozzie and Harriet’s Flight Path –  The day began in the usual manner with Harriet calling out for Ozzie to take over her overnight incubating duties. Harriet got a long relief today. Ozzie’s time with his precious eggs demonstrated his gentle and attentive ways. He took special care rolling the eggs and aerating the nest bowl. Harriet had time to spend at the pond in the late afternoon before returning for her all night nest duty. Since the arrival of Ozzie and Harriet’s precious eggs, they have become a very… Read More »Ready for Landing- Nest Activity for Dec 3.

Breakfast in Bed (Eagle Edition)- Nest Activity for Nov. 29

Harriet’s overnight incubating duty lasted a little longer today. Ozzie delivered a nice headless fish breakfast to Harriet at 7:00 am….. SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Friday, November 29, 2013 She loudly called out as he approached with the food offering. Ozzie took over incubating their precious eggs as Harriet eagerly ate her fish. She saved the tail, her favorite part, for a later snack. Ozzie brought soft nest material and then a stick to the nest which he proceeded to put in place almost bowling over Harriet as she lay incubating… Read More »Breakfast in Bed (Eagle Edition)- Nest Activity for Nov. 29

Dinner is Served…Nest Summary for Sunday, Nov 24

Hungry Harriet and 2 Fish Tails Harriet began her early morning vocalizing for Ozzie to relieve her night shift of incubating their beautiful eggs. It was reported that Harriet was on the nest for 12 hours and 45 minutes. Ozzie immediately appeared on the nest to take over his morning duties. Ozzie was on the nest for several hours when Harriet flew in for her turn. Ozzie came back to the nest area with a fish. He took it to a tree by the pond and proceeded to eat his… Read More »Dinner is Served…Nest Summary for Sunday, Nov 24

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam VIDEO HIGLIGHTS

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam VIDEO HIGLIGHTS Our amazing team of videographers spends hours of time everyday going through the nest footage, editing down highlights and activity for you to watch over and over again. Check out all the latest videos here: Peanut1956  rickblack7792 urdognu  Thank you for all you do! 

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam DAILY SUMMARY Monday November 18, 2013 The Object of Their Affection The first day of Ozzie and Harriet’s egg arrival was filled with activity and excitement. Much energy is expended during egg formation and the laying process . Throughout the night and early morning Harriet lay in the nest. At 3:53 am Ozzie took over his duties of egg tending. Ozzie seemed a little unsettled, possibly readjusting to his roll of incubating. He cautiously rolled the egg, placed it perfectly and nestled in to keep it… Read More »

The ABC’s of Eagle Birds & The Bees

Watch the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live here: Picture of Harriet & Ozzie Mating: (Photo: Desiree) Mating doesn’t mean eggs will be laid – nor does it mean eggs that are laid are viable. The male sperm can stay vital and alive for up to 7 days or so. Once the sperm pierce a female ova (egg) the ova has to find its way to the entrance of the oviduct (usually in less than 30 seconds). The journey through the oviduct where the egg is manufactured takes about 24 hours… Read More »The ABC’s of Eagle Birds & The Bees

Nest Activity Update- Nov. 13, 2013

Two Eagles in a Pine Tree. In the wee hours of the morning Ozzie and Harriet began nest bowl work featuring the “Ozzie Shimmy”. Ozzie wriggles his chest in the nest bowl and then he does the “Ozzie Shuffle” by kicking his feet backward. Although these comical names give light to his actions they look as if they are very important in constructing the nest bowl. Ozzie and Harriet departed to the outer branches of the nest tree and returned to the nest closer to dawn. It was a very… Read More »Nest Activity Update- Nov. 13, 2013