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Changing by the Minute- Weekly Nest Notes

E7 and E8 are looking more like juvenile Eagles than fuzzy little eaglets as they change daily. Their adult like feathers appear to be popping out by the minute. Soon it will be hard to tell who is who. Their interactions change from peaceful snuggling to rivalry as they learn from one another and Mom and Dad. E7 and E8 build strong legs and wings by walking and “wingersizing” as the breezy weather continues. Both are more aware of their surroundings and the world beyond the nest. E7 is still… Read More »Changing by the Minute- Weekly Nest Notes

Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Prepares for Holidays Hatchlings

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Prepares for Holidays Hatchlings “Hatch Watch” kicks off with arrivals expected in time for the Holidays   FORT MYERS, Fla. (December 12, 2013) – The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFEC) is pleased to announce the area’s most beloved pair of bald eagles is expecting! Harriet’s two eggs, laid November 17 and November 20, are in the homestretch of the average 35 day incubation period. The veteran eagle parents, Harriet and Ozzie, have diligently taken turns incubating their young by maintaining the necessary 105… Read More »Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Prepares for Holidays Hatchlings

Dec. 9- Activity at the Nest

Comfort and Joy Ozzie and Harriet continue to show their dedication and patience in caring for their nest, each other and their precious eggs. Although it may seem as if not much is happening in these days prior to hatching, there are many subtle differences occurring. Crucial development is going on inside their beautiful eggs.. Harriet spent time preening, stretching and nest bowl maintenance. Ozzie and Harriet shared a moment on the branch above the nest. They appear to be very comfortable with the roll each plays in this journey. Even… Read More »Dec. 9- Activity at the Nest

Sunday is the Day of Rest- Nest Activity for Dec 8

The fog of the early morning was taken away by the beautiful sunrise at Ozzie and Harriet’s nest. Ozzie took over his incubating duties at 6:37 am. The day continued with both Ozzie and Harriet flying to and from the cam 2 tree for egg sitting. The heat of the day allowed for brief periods of time off the eggs. Harriet spent time up and down from the eggs, preening and watching the happenings in the area. Ozzie flew to the cam 2 tree for one of his mini breaks.… Read More »Sunday is the Day of Rest- Nest Activity for Dec 8

Ready for Landing- Nest Activity for Dec 3.

Ozzie and Harriet’s Flight Path –  The day began in the usual manner with Harriet calling out for Ozzie to take over her overnight incubating duties. Harriet got a long relief today. Ozzie’s time with his precious eggs demonstrated his gentle and attentive ways. He took special care rolling the eggs and aerating the nest bowl. Harriet had time to spend at the pond in the late afternoon before returning for her all night nest duty. Since the arrival of Ozzie and Harriet’s precious eggs, they have become a very… Read More »Ready for Landing- Nest Activity for Dec 3.

Keep Rolling, Rolling Rolling…

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Friday, November 22, 2013 Summary by DadsJazz Ozzie and Harriet have 2 beautiful eggs in the nest and their parental duties are a 24 hour job. Their day consisted of time taking turns incubating the eggs. Rolling the eggs takes place at regular intervals throughout the day and night. Harriet had very early 3:00 am sleepy stroll to the edge of the nest for her stretch and a break. She immediately returned to the eggs and gave them a roll, settled in and went back off to… Read More »Keep Rolling, Rolling Rolling…

The Fish That Tried To Get Away- Video from Wed. Nov 13

The Fish That Tried To Get Away- Video from Wed. Nov 13 Edited footage of early morning. The wonderful Ozzie Shuffle in the nest bowl, the fish (6:51:50) that was still moving when they both fly into the nest together, and Ozzie appeared to almost trip on a stick he brought into the nest, appears maybe to have caught on the side of the nest (the stick), but Ozzie recovered very well ~ 7:53:22 Video by dragonlainey

Nest Activity Update- Nov. 13, 2013

Two Eagles in a Pine Tree. In the wee hours of the morning Ozzie and Harriet began nest bowl work featuring the “Ozzie Shimmy”. Ozzie wriggles his chest in the nest bowl and then he does the “Ozzie Shuffle” by kicking his feet backward. Although these comical names give light to his actions they look as if they are very important in constructing the nest bowl. Ozzie and Harriet departed to the outer branches of the nest tree and returned to the nest closer to dawn. It was a very… Read More »Nest Activity Update- Nov. 13, 2013