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bald eagle

Weekly Nest Notes: Signs of Coming Events (March 23)

Harriet and M15 are entering the final phase of incubating their priceless Eggs and hopefully, next week will reveal the results of their dedication. This nesting Season came to an unfortunate abrupt ending, but Harriet and M15 decided that they would persevere by starting anew. They are completely invested in fulfilling their goal of bringing new life into the Eagle world. They have performed in their usual fine-tuned manner as they exchange and share nest duties. Food has begun to trickle into the nest which is one sign of coming… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Signs of Coming Events (March 23)

Weekly Nest Notes: Rolling to the Halfway Mark (March 16)

Harriet and M15 keep up the exceptional care of their precious Eggs as they are about at the halfway point to hatching. Warmer temperatures show them diligently rolling and incubating the Eggs while enduring direct midday sun and heat in the process. Their intricate feather system allows for perfect regulation of their body temperatures and that of the Eggs.  They step off the nest bowl from time to time, even flying off to the pond for a drink. They are always within eyeshot of the nest and can return in… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Rolling to the Halfway Mark (March 16)

Weekly Nest Notes: Exchanging Places (March 10)

Harriet and M15 kept up their efficient exchanges incubating their treasured Eggs through the week. As one arises to stretch and take a break from nest duty the other is on the spot to take their turn. They while away the hours on the nest watching the comings and goings in the vicinity. This is their second go-around of incubating Eggs this Season and in a few weeks, their consistent commitment will reveal the fruits of their labor. Harriet and M15 appear especially sensitive to visitors in the territory. They… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Exchanging Places (March 10)

Weekly Nest Notes: Another Wonderful Addition! (March 3)

Harriet and M15 start each new Season with their sights set on adding to the Eagle population. Despite all their efforts, an unexpected turn of events resulted in the sudden loss of their beloved Eaglet E14 and an unhatched Egg 2.  Just when it seemed to be an end to the Season, Harriet and M15 showed a renewed interest in beginning again. In a Season 8 reboot, their efforts were successful and Harriet did indeed lay Egg 3 and another wonderful addition, Egg 4. Harriet and M15 made a smooth… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Another Wonderful Addition! (March 3)

Weekly Nest Notes: Continuing the Journey (Feb. 25)

Harriet and M15  proceed on their mission with compelling resolve to propagate their species.  After the loss of their Eaglet E14 and Egg 2 that did not hatch, an empty nest did not seem to be part of Harriet and M15’s plan.  They began to work on all the components of what it takes to raise a family.  They started rebuilding their nest, kept their territory within their grasp, and solidified their bond and devotion to each other. Their behaviors over the last month gave many indications that they were… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Continuing the Journey (Feb. 25)

Weekly Nest Notes: A Window Into Eagle Life (Feb. 17)

Harriet and M15 have been working diligently, fortifying their nest with many branches and sticks over the weeks. The Nesting Season has taken a new direction after E14 passed away and their Egg 2 didn’t hatch. This part of their journey is unknown and each day presents new lessons. There is some documentation of nests where Eagles laid a new clutch after eggs or very young hatchlings were lost. The time frame for more eggs ranged from about 2 to 5 weeks after the loss. Harriet and M15 are approaching… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: A Window Into Eagle Life (Feb. 17)

Weekly Nest Notes: Mysteries of Eagle Life

Harriet and M15 have engaged their amazing abilities and instincts doing their share to add to their legacy and that of the Eagle population. They follow along a common thread of thousands who have come before them dedicated to the cause. There are preparations to be made and challenges to be overcome. The goal is always in sight even if it is far off in the future. The path is a combination of successes and missteps, joys and sorrows, and knowledge and mystery. Harriet and M15 remain in their territory… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Mysteries of Eagle Life

Weekly Nest Notes: Countdown to Hatch (Dec. 10)

Harriet and M15 have been an efficient and unstoppable incubating team keeping their cherished Eggs in optimal condition. Soon it will be time for their new generation of Eaglets to break into the world. Mom and Dad welcome their rolls of nurturing and encouraging their new boisterous babies. They will then turn their focus to around the clock feeding and brooding of their hatchlings keeping them well fed, warm and protected. Harriet and M15 may appear to be looking and listening and may feel movement and peeps from the chick… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Countdown to Hatch (Dec. 10)

Weekly Nest Notes: Defend & Protect (Nov. 5, 2019)

Harriet and M15 engage all their instincts pursuing the greater purpose of adding to their legacy. Their success depends on tried and true behaviors of defending and protecting their territory and  soon to be eggs and Eaglets. These sensitive times have them on high alert to all that happens in the area. Intruders were escorted away from the pasture and nest tree and the neighboring Eagle pair were reminded to stay away from the territory. Harriet slept in the nest overnight with M15 perched nearby to notify all that there… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Defend & Protect (Nov. 5, 2019)

Weekly Nest Notes: Growing by Leaps & Bounds

E12 and E13 are experiencing a tremendous growth spurt and seem to change in appearance from morning to night. At hatch, they weighed about 3 ounces and were around 3 inches tall and in a few short weeks, they are nearly 2 pounds and almost one foot tall. Harriet and M15 have delivered nutritious food items keeping these two filled to the brim. A wide variety of prey has been stocked in the pantry for voracious appetites.  A menu of small bites of fish or prey has morphed into larger… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Growing by Leaps & Bounds