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bald eagle

Nature’s Magic- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet greets the day with early morning vocals from her perch in the nest tree or one of the neighboring trees. M15 answers from one of his overnight perches. The song continues as they stretch, preen and survey the pasture. Usually one or both of them arrives in the nest to take stock of what materials are needed that day. M15 is sometimes more ambitious in the morning and starts his day with a nice stick delivery. Harriet observes and sometimes voices her approval of M15’s choice of material and… Read More »Nature’s Magic- Weekly Nest Notes

Weekly Nest Notes- Nesting Season Begins for Harriet & M15

October 1 was the first official day of Nesting Season but Harriet and M15 have been busy for many weeks preparing their nest for the next generation of Eaglets. Harriet and M15 were seen on and off over the summer as they took time to relax, refresh and restore themselves for the new season. M15 may have been away on little vacation and then made an appearance in the territory on August 8, 2017. Harriet had plenty to tell him as she vocalized for a while. He seemed to listen… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes- Nesting Season Begins for Harriet & M15

Practicing for Perfection- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 continued to make appearances throughout the territory to the delight of observers. E9 performed beautiful and purposeful soaring in the skies twisting, turning and eluding the birds giving chase. Harriet and M15 frequented the tall power poles to perch on as they watched over their domain. E9 displayed courage perching for the first time on the tallest pole which is usually reserved for Harriet. E9 has become a secure and confident Juvenile Eagle while acquiring more skills. Areas away from the nest pasture found E9 watching Harriet and M15… Read More »Practicing for Perfection- Weekly Nest Notes

The Hunt is On- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 has become a great flyer and explorer of the territory. Twists and turns maneuvering through the trees feeling the freedom of soaring have taken E9 to new and exciting places. E9 practices and sharpens lessons learned and inherent skills with each new day. Nature has provided E9 with many of the necessary tools for survival and with great Eagle parents to pave the way for E9’s success. E9 has grown in confidence and courage engaging in hunting and fishing behaviors, skimming the pond flushing out the water fowl swimming… Read More »The Hunt is On- Weekly Nest Notes

Great Explorations- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 has blossomed into a magnificent Juvenile Eagle over the past 3 months. Although the time seems to have passed quickly, E9 has become quite adept at many needed survival skills. E9 executes beautiful sweeping flights and maneuvers throughout the territory. Natural curiosity drives E9 to venture farther to new places. E9 was seen soaring in the skies last week and has followed Mom and Dad to scope out some of their favorite place throughout the rest of the week. E9 made daily jaunts to Yonder Pond and was observed… Read More »Great Explorations- Weekly Nest Notes

Flying Like The Wind- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 is well equipped with skills and instincts that continue to be honed as first flight becomes a reality. Some may say that E9’s fledge was a slip and although E9’s leap of faith was while hanging upside down, recovery was quick and there was indeed a flight to the west pasture. E9 landed on the ground for the first time jumping, grabbing, carrying sticks and experiencing all the new sensations and sights. E9 lifted off the ground and executed a short flight landing on the fence. Dad flew to… Read More »Flying Like The Wind- Weekly Nest Notes

Eagle Lessons Continue: Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15’s teamwork in providing E9 with valuable lessons reaps big rewards. At just over 7 weeks old E9 is keenly aware of all that goes on and is quick to act when Mom or Dad return to the nest. E9 tracks their approach and rushes to see what they are bringing. While expecting food, E9 grabbed Dad’s toe as he delivered a stick not wanting to let go. Mom flew in with an air plant and was met with bite on the neck from E9 who wanted a… Read More »Eagle Lessons Continue: Weekly Nest Notes

New Year, New Eaglet – Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 began the New Year welcoming eaglet E9 who broke into the world on December 31, 2016 at 7:33 a.m. The chick began the hatching process two days earlier making a small crack or pip in the shell. E9’s struggle to be free is one of the first lessons of the hard work it takes to become a majestic Eagle. The first glimpses of this sweet little package of fluffiness and the gentle way Mom and Dad have in caring for E9 are amazing sights to behold. E9… Read More »New Year, New Eaglet – Weekly Nest Notes

Patience and Dedication- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 patiently perform their task at hand as the world around them bustles with activity. Mom and Dad share many hours incubating their precious eggs without hurry or worry. Slow and steady seems to be the way on their journey. They greet each day with purpose and their inherent abilities and skills serve them well in all their responsibilities. They remain aware and watchful to what goes on around them as they protect and defend their territory at this critical time. Their strength lies in their bond to… Read More »Patience and Dedication- Weekly Nest Notes

Nature’s Way – Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 engaged all their instinctual abilities as they prepared for eggs and eaglets. With all of the parts in place Harriet laid Egg 1 at 5:03 p.m. on November 22, 2016. M15 greeted his precious egg with great interest looking under Harriet and pulling the Egg toward him. Mom took the overnight incubating duties. Dad eagerly took his turn at incubation early the next morning. Harriet was off to stretch and enjoy a leisure day after labor and delivery. M15 brought fish to his Lady and she accepted… Read More »Nature’s Way – Weekly Nest Notes