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bald eagle

Weekly Nest Notes: Perfect Timing is Everything

Harriet and M15 execute perfectly timed exchanges almost like a dance as one leaves the nest and the other arrives. They have become an efficient incubating team. There were a few cooler evenings and breezy days over the week that required continual brooding of their Eggs. It may seem as if those hours spent on the nest are tedious ones but Harriet and M15 instinctively time the moments they rise up to roll the Eggs keeping the developing Chicks at an even temperature. M15 delivered beak and talons full of… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Perfect Timing is Everything

Weekly Nest Notes: Contemplating the Coming Events

Harriet and M15 add the finishing touches to the nest with soft grasses and moss for their eggs and with many strong sticks for rails to secure hatchlings. M15 has become the master nest builder finding the perfect nest materials and air plant gifts for Harriet. Harriet likes to observe and add her voice and choice of where she wants everything placed.  Harriet has been much of a homebody these days, perching on the outer branches of the nest tree watching the territory and preening. She may be savoring these… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Contemplating the Coming Events

Weekly Nest Notes- Fine Tuning the Details

Harriet and M15 are making great strides as they ready the nest. Most early mornings find them either perched in the nest tree or nearby. M15 is usually first to the nest taking notice of what materials are needed. He is then off in a flash scoping out the trees for that perfect stick or to the ground looking for more grasses. His biggest find was a huge air plant/bromeliad which he tried to return to the nest only to lose is in the process.  Harriet likes to add fresh… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes- Fine Tuning the Details

Nest Notes Extra: Happy Mother’s Day Harriet!

Harriet savors her time of renewal as an active and successful nesting season winds down. She can be found at times perching in the far reaches of the territory enjoying a meal, relaxing and preening.  Her sights are still set on preservation of the home front as she makes occasional appearances and delivers sticks or fresh pine boughs to her nest. Harriet has selflessly given of herself and is the mainstay that holds her family together.  She reigns over her domain with control and fierceness balanced with nurturing and tenderness.… Read More »Nest Notes Extra: Happy Mother’s Day Harriet!

Weekly Nest Notes: MILESTONE ALERT! The Eaglets have Branched!

Harriet and M15’s diligence in raising E10 and E11 have produced great rewards. These two active and healthy Eaglets have amassed a wealth of skills and behaviors and have surpassed many milestones over the last months. They have progressed through their “baby steps” and are now setting their sights on bigger goals. The closeness of their ages has seemed to allow them to experience everything at almost the same time. E11 was the first to mantle and grab a whole fish from Dad. E11 also was the first to figure… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: MILESTONE ALERT! The Eaglets have Branched!

Weekly Nest Notes: Standing Tall

E10 and E11 are accomplishing quite a list of milestones reached. Their strength and balance have multiplied and they are standing tall while walking around the nest. Their trips to the edge to watch the big wide world have drawn many gasps from onlookers.  Windy days allows the unfolding of mighty wings, feeling the lift from the air and performing small hops while “wingercizing”. Two healthy Eaglets with wings out and flapping leaves little room for much else.  E11 was first to self-feed with E10 quickly following suit. Both track… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Standing Tall

Weekly Nest Notes: Family First!

The weeks seem to fly by so to speak as E10 and E11 gain height, weight, juvenile feathers, wingspan, appetites and the beginnings of engaging in Eagle behaviors. The distinguishing characteristics are so minimal that it is hard to tell one from the other at times. E10, as the first hatched seems to be slightly ahead of E11, standing for longer periods of time, walking across the nest and starting to use those big feet to hold onto items and tear them apart. E11 is on the same track. They… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Family First!

Weekly Nest Notes: Patient & Dedicated

Harriet calls out at first light softly and then loudly possibly to signal that she needs a break after her long overnight shift. M15 is usually perched above the nest or very close by the nest tree and arrives to eagerly takes over duties. Harriet and M15 spend endless hours on the nest patiently caring for their precious Eggs. They execute well timed exchanges as one leaves and the other arrives for their turn on the nest. They endure the sun on warm days, keep the Eggs dry on rainy… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Patient & Dedicated

Weekly Nest Notes: It is All on Eagle Time

Harriet stayed close to the nest she loves over the week. M15 was in a high gear searching far and wide for the perfect nest materials. He brought in large sticks and branches and a lot of grasses. M15 dug in and laid in the nest to get the fluff just right in preparation for their precious cargo. Harriet brought in boughs of her favorite fresh pine. They work with a sense of urgency to get it all done. Their frequent mating helps to insure fertilized eggs and also strengthens… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: It is All on Eagle Time

Weekly Nest Notes- A Team on a Mission

Cooler and breezier weather may be prompting Harriet and M15 to ramp up their “nestorizing” work getting the nest ready for eggs. Harriet has laid eggs as early as the second week of November and as late as the end of December. A lot of signs may be pointing to earlier rather than later for egg laying. Their mating and bonding frequency has increased. They have both been diligently bringing large sticks for the rails. M15 shows his skills in flying at and grabbing just the right stick. Harriet is… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes- A Team on a Mission