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Ozzie Hunts and Delivers, Harriet Gets ExcitedNovember 15, 2013 Video By UrdognU You can see Ozzie hunt across the street from the wide angle cam view. Harriet departs from being perched above the wide angle cam vocalizing with excitement. You will see a glimpse of her flying by on the nest cam. (Source:

Nest Activity for Nov. 14, 2013

Heads or Tails Today was not the typical beginning to Ozzie and Harriet’s day. There were not many early morning vocals. The brief early morning visit to the nest was not until 6:18 am.  Harriet seemed very calm and quiet and spent time lying in the nest bowl.  Ozzie and Harriet both performed beautiful fly-ins and fly–outs from the nest with sticks. One impressive fly-in happened when Ozzie delivered a fish for brunch as Harriet was in quick pursuit vocalizing all the way. Harriet appears to love her fish gifts… Read More »Nest Activity for Nov. 14, 2013

The ABC’s of Eagle Birds & The Bees

Watch the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live here: Picture of Harriet & Ozzie Mating: (Photo: Desiree) Mating doesn’t mean eggs will be laid – nor does it mean eggs that are laid are viable. The male sperm can stay vital and alive for up to 7 days or so. Once the sperm pierce a female ova (egg) the ova has to find its way to the entrance of the oviduct (usually in less than 30 seconds). The journey through the oviduct where the egg is manufactured takes about 24 hours… Read More »The ABC’s of Eagle Birds & The Bees

The Fish That Tried To Get Away- Video from Wed. Nov 13

The Fish That Tried To Get Away- Video from Wed. Nov 13 Edited footage of early morning. The wonderful Ozzie Shuffle in the nest bowl, the fish (6:51:50) that was still moving when they both fly into the nest together, and Ozzie appeared to almost trip on a stick he brought into the nest, appears maybe to have caught on the side of the nest (the stick), but Ozzie recovered very well ~ 7:53:22 Video by dragonlainey

Nest Acivity – Tues, Nov 12- Love is In the Air

A series of sweet symphonies of vocals between Ozzie & Harriet: Screen Capture from video by dragonlainey Before the light of day the singing began. Harriet and then Ozzie arrived on the nest.They proceeded to vocalize and engage in their affectionate sparring some refer to as “beaking”. Harriet seemed to be doing more work on the nest bowl by adding her special touches. Ozzie appeared to resist her efforts with no luck. Harriet was observed bringing sticks, moss and a sprig of fresh pine to the nest. She also tried… Read More »Nest Acivity – Tues, Nov 12- Love is In the Air

Summary: Nest Activity – Monday, November 11, 2013

Didn’t get to watch the cams yesterday? Here is what you missed: Morning: Vocal greetings began early at 4:00am nest time. Ozzie arrived at the nest before dawn and began his nest bowl fluffing. Harriet arrived shortly after and proceeded to help. Ozzie really likes to do this task himself so an early morning discussion with vocals and “beaking” took place for a while. Harriet seemed to win this argument as Ozzie left her to try out the nest bowl with a shimmy of her own. Ozzie’s day was filled with… Read More »Summary: Nest Activity – Monday, November 11, 2013

Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Soars Into Season 2

The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFEC) is pleased to announce the area’s most beloved pair of bald eagles has returned to the area for nesting season and live streaming went live October 1, the first official day of Florida’s nesting season.  With season one of the SWFEC reaching global success and garnering over 16 million views and worldwide media coverage, the primary goal continues to be education and learning.  WATCH LIVE HERE: To insure not a moment of action is missed, this year’s streaming will feature two high-definition camera angles… Read More »Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Soars Into Season 2