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Protect and Defend – Nest Activity for Dec 17

Harriet vocalized loudly as she had Ozzie in her sight bringing breakfast. Harriet voiced her appreciation, ate quickly and flew off to the camera 2 tree. Ozzie took over incubating duties and spent the morning watching the horse play activities in the pasture. A short while later Ozzie set his sights to the sky watching a possible intruder. He took a sweeping flight around the nest tree, back to an upper branch and around again. Harriet arrived quickly on the nest to protect her precious eggs.  Later that afternoon Ozzie… Read More »Protect and Defend – Nest Activity for Dec 17

Is that for Me? – Nest Activity for Dec 15

Harriet kept her precious eggs safe, dry and warm from the early morning rain storms. She spent a few minutes flapping her wings trying to dry out her soggy feathers. Ozzie arrived with some grassy nest material, maybe in anticipation of their coming baby chicks. Later in the afternoon Harriet brought her favorite greenery back to the nest, ‘Tis the season after all. In the early evening Harriet began vocalizing and looking off to the pond area. She saw that Ozzie was there eating something. She waited and called out… Read More »Is that for Me? – Nest Activity for Dec 15

“Yes Dear”- Nest Activity for Dec 13

Ozzie is always ready and available to Harriet to defend, feed, take over egg incubating and help with parenting duties of their soon to be hatched baby chicks. Harriet called out in the very early hours of the morning and Ozzie was at her side. Ozzie and Harriet are a magnificent pair who are dedicated to each other and their offspring. Ozzie called out to warn off a few passing birds on his morning watch. Harriet arrived on the nest at 2:46 pm and spent the afternoon “housekeeping” by fluffing… Read More »“Yes Dear”- Nest Activity for Dec 13

Conversations & Flights- Nest Activity for Dec 10

Harriet had a long overnight stay on the nest from the previous afternoon. She called out to Ozzie and took flight to the Camera 2 tree. Ozzie simultaneously flew to the nest to begin his incubating duty. Another such exchange occurred a short while later with Harriet back on the nest. In the afternoon Harriet called out and took a flight around the pasture, maybe to ward off an intruder. Harriet then flew back to the upper branch of the nest tree. Ozzie arrived on the branch a short time… Read More »Conversations & Flights- Nest Activity for Dec 10

Dec. 9- Activity at the Nest

Comfort and Joy Ozzie and Harriet continue to show their dedication and patience in caring for their nest, each other and their precious eggs. Although it may seem as if not much is happening in these days prior to hatching, there are many subtle differences occurring. Crucial development is going on inside their beautiful eggs.. Harriet spent time preening, stretching and nest bowl maintenance. Ozzie and Harriet shared a moment on the branch above the nest. They appear to be very comfortable with the roll each plays in this journey. Even… Read More »Dec. 9- Activity at the Nest

Sunday is the Day of Rest- Nest Activity for Dec 8

The fog of the early morning was taken away by the beautiful sunrise at Ozzie and Harriet’s nest. Ozzie took over his incubating duties at 6:37 am. The day continued with both Ozzie and Harriet flying to and from the cam 2 tree for egg sitting. The heat of the day allowed for brief periods of time off the eggs. Harriet spent time up and down from the eggs, preening and watching the happenings in the area. Ozzie flew to the cam 2 tree for one of his mini breaks.… Read More »Sunday is the Day of Rest- Nest Activity for Dec 8

Nest Activity for Dec 6

Guarding, Incubating and Waiting SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Friday, December 6, 2013 Ozzie and Harriet began their vocal conversations before sunrise. Ozzie arrived at 5:56 am to take over incubating as Harriet flew off the nest. The foggy morning gave way to a very warm day at the nest. There were a few exchanges throughout the day as Ozzie and Harriet each had their turn caring for their precious eggs. The usually calm Ozzie seemed agitated today with the starlings and other birds flying to close for his liking. He took… Read More »Nest Activity for Dec 6

Ready for Landing- Nest Activity for Dec 3.

Ozzie and Harriet’s Flight Path –  The day began in the usual manner with Harriet calling out for Ozzie to take over her overnight incubating duties. Harriet got a long relief today. Ozzie’s time with his precious eggs demonstrated his gentle and attentive ways. He took special care rolling the eggs and aerating the nest bowl. Harriet had time to spend at the pond in the late afternoon before returning for her all night nest duty. Since the arrival of Ozzie and Harriet’s precious eggs, they have become a very… Read More »Ready for Landing- Nest Activity for Dec 3.

Breakfast in Bed (Eagle Edition)- Nest Activity for Nov. 29

Harriet’s overnight incubating duty lasted a little longer today. Ozzie delivered a nice headless fish breakfast to Harriet at 7:00 am….. SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Friday, November 29, 2013 She loudly called out as he approached with the food offering. Ozzie took over incubating their precious eggs as Harriet eagerly ate her fish. She saved the tail, her favorite part, for a later snack. Ozzie brought soft nest material and then a stick to the nest which he proceeded to put in place almost bowling over Harriet as she lay incubating… Read More »Breakfast in Bed (Eagle Edition)- Nest Activity for Nov. 29

Giving Thanks- Nest Activity for Nov. 28

As some of us took a day off to spend time with family and friends, we are thankful that Ozzie and Harriet were fulfilling their commitment to their future offspring. Harriet was on incubating duty over the chilly night time and early morning hours. Harriet’s body is larger than Ozzie’s and covers the whole nest bowl. Maybe it was a good idea to have a larger “furnace” keeping those precious eggs warm. Ozzie and Harriet, being the wonderful parents they are, took their turns at egg sitting throughout the day.… Read More »Giving Thanks- Nest Activity for Nov. 28