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Weekly Nest Notes: Rolling to the Halfway Mark (March 16)

Harriet and M15 keep up the exceptional care of their precious Eggs as they are about at the halfway point to hatching. Warmer temperatures show them diligently rolling and incubating the Eggs while enduring direct midday sun and heat in the process. Their intricate feather system allows for perfect regulation of their body temperatures and that of the Eggs.  They step off the nest bowl from time to time, even flying off to the pond for a drink. They are always within eyeshot of the nest and can return in… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Rolling to the Halfway Mark (March 16)

Weekly Nest Notes: Continuing the Journey (Feb. 25)

Harriet and M15  proceed on their mission with compelling resolve to propagate their species.  After the loss of their Eaglet E14 and Egg 2 that did not hatch, an empty nest did not seem to be part of Harriet and M15’s plan.  They began to work on all the components of what it takes to raise a family.  They started rebuilding their nest, kept their territory within their grasp, and solidified their bond and devotion to each other. Their behaviors over the last month gave many indications that they were… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Continuing the Journey (Feb. 25)

Weekly Nest Notes: Perfecting the Timing (Dec. 3)

Harriet and M15 have perfected the timing of their nest duty exchanges. One flies in with grass, sticks or a prey item and the other is ready to leave without missing a beat. They spend countless hours carefully rolling and incubating their treasured Eggs. Watching the skies and territory, preening and pulling grasses closer are done while protecting the Eggs which are about halfway to the hatching their precious Eaglets. Harriet and M15 engage in self-care during their free time, keeping themselves clean, strong, and nourished. Their chosen home territory… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Perfecting the Timing (Dec. 3)

Weekly Nest Notes: New Family Dynamics

Harriet and M15 have toiled long and hard to propagate their species over the past several Seasons. They have successfully raised and guided strong, intelligent Juveniles off on their way to experience freedom. Many years of observing the nature of Eagles have revealed behaviors and patterns of their cycle of life.  E13 has followed the natural progression by departing the territory to explore the path of Eagle life.  Sibling E12 does not seem as eager to be off on their own journey as of this writing.  There may be a… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: New Family Dynamics

Weekly Nest Notes: The Path to Eagle Life

E12 and E13 are looking more like Juvenile Eaglets than the tiny hatchlings they were a short time ago.  Their beautiful dark feathers seem to have burst through overnight with only a few tufts of their natal down remaining. They displayed their magnificent wings feeling the breezes while flapping away with wings almost reaching the expanse of the nest. E13 was swept up in a little air while “wingersizing” and hopped a few times in the nest. They are catching up to their huge feet and are working on coordinating… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: The Path to Eagle Life

Weekly Nest Notes: New Experiences and Lessons

Harriet and M15 devote endless hours providing for the needs and imparting lessons for the survival of  E12 and E13 as they are introduced to countless new experiences in Eagle life. Some events are everyday subtle happenings and some are more exact and intense. Many of E12 and E13’s actions and behaviors are inherent and many are learned by observation and example. Their natural curiosity drives them to explore and track all activity around them. E12 and E13 are accomplishing many milestones along the way. Their height and wingspan are… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: New Experiences and Lessons

Weekly Nest Notes: A Tale of Two Eaglets

Harriet and M15 guide and take excellent care of their two flourishing Eaglets. During their 30 days of rapid growth, E12 and E13 seem to change in appearance minute by minute. Their darker thermal feathers are pushing out the light natal down giving them fluffy cotton top headdresses. Following right behind thermal down are the beginnings of beautiful juvenile feathers looking like paint brushes as they emerge on wing tips, budding little tails and just about everywhere else. They are a menagerie of colors and textures blending in with the… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: A Tale of Two Eaglets

Weekly Nest Notes: Watch Us Grow

E12 and E13’s development is on the  fast track as they grow bigger and stronger right before our eyes.  They are adding about 5 ounces of weight each day and are at least a foot tall. Their new darker thermal down helps them keep cool or warm as needed.  They pick at and preen themselves as feathers continue to grow in and also to help their juvenile pin feathers that are starting to emerge on sprouting wings and tails.   They are exercising and flapping their wings that span around… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Watch Us Grow

Weekly Nest Notes: Togetherness & Teamwork

Harriet and M15 have been spending more time at the nest as the season is progressing. They display their skills grabbing sticks from trees on the fly. M15 excels  in his abilities finding perfect nest materials, delivering them to the nest and placing them in just the right spot or where ever Harriet decides. She contributes to the building adding fresh pine and materials and “helping” M15 with nestorations as she oversees the tasks.   M15 has become an accomplished hunter and delivered a variety of food offerings to Harriet.… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Togetherness & Teamwork

A New Chapter for Harriet, Ozzie and E4- Nest Notes for May 12

Over the last few years the incredible story of Harriet, Ozzie and the raising of their offspring has been unfolding with glimpses into their day to day lives. Nature has provided them with strength, courage and the ability to survive in the face of adversity. Many cultures have revered the Eagle over the centuries because of their attributes.  Harriet and Ozzie have displayed time and time again their devotion to each other and to their young. Although this Nesting Season has brought both joy and sorrow, Harriet and Ozzie proved… Read More »A New Chapter for Harriet, Ozzie and E4- Nest Notes for May 12