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Weekly Nest Notes: A Season of Surprises

Harriet and M15 traditionally are just returning from their Summer break after a Season of raising their offspring. They reunite, renew their bond, and begin the process of working on their nest for the upcoming nesting Season. The 2019/2020 Nesting Season has been extended and has been one of twists and turns. Harriet and M15 withstood many tests that come with Eagle life and faced adversity with courage and resilience. They dealt with the sudden loss of their priceless Eaglet E14 and nonviable Egg 2 with determination to continue their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: A Season of Surprises

Weekly Nest Notes: Welcome E15 & E16!

Harriet and M15 were not about to give up on their nesting season and the opportunity to add to their majestic species.  In their true spirit of persistence and devotion, they succeeded in presenting their second clutch, Egg 3 and Egg 4. Harriet and M15 selflessly executed another round of incubating their treasured Eggs. They have extended their season well into the hotter months of the year and brave the seemingly unbearable conditions to continue on their mission. Harriet and M15 watched and listened as Egg 3 showed signs of… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Welcome E15 & E16!

Special Edition Nest Notes: E14 Soaring the Heavens

The Bald Eagle has long been celebrated by humankind for their strength, wisdom, hope, courage, and loyalty.  They have been held in reverence by many religions and cultures as an integral part of their traditions and spirituality. Magnificent flights take the Eagle to the highest heights among and above the clouds. This ability has been believed to create balance in their lives, allowing powerful vision while keeping a strong connection to the earth. Their survival commands them to live life in the moment and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. They fearlessly… Read More »Special Edition Nest Notes: E14 Soaring the Heavens

Weekly Nest Notes: Heading Upward (Jan. 14, 2020)

Harriet and M15 continue nurturing E14 on their fast track of growing strong and tall. Close to 4 weeks old, E14’s wingspan is nearly 2 feet and their little tail wiggles at almost 2 inches long. Upward and outward is the direction of E14’s stature as they are over a foot tall, weighing 5 to 6 pounds with a beak and feet that are almost fully grown. E14 is now able to be viewed from the ground with head and wings at times above the nest rails. Sleep and nourishing… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Heading Upward (Jan. 14, 2020)

Weekly Nest Notes: Growing & Learning (Jan. 7, 2020)

Harriet and M15 have watched E14 growing before their eyes over the last 2 weeks.  At hatching time E14 weighed about 2 ounces and was 3 inches tall. Now approaching 3 weeks, E14 is about a foot tall and weighs close to 3 pounds. E14 is mostly covered with darker grey thermal down feathers to help regulate their body temperature. E14 is alert and strong in between long naps that produce more growing spurts. Feet are bumping out quickly and little wings are developing pin feathers. E14 preens those sprouting… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Growing & Learning (Jan. 7, 2020)

Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Strong (Jan. 1)

Harriet and M15 provided a wide variety of food for growing E14 over the first week in the big new adventure. Fish, fowl, and mammals were stacked in the nest pantry as Mom and Dad took turns feeding E14 and feasting on the “nestovers” themselves. Harriet likes to lead at Family dinner time taking the items offered from M15 and then feeding E14. All the attention and good eats equal rapid growth as E14 approaches 2 weeks old. Little bobbling head E14 now sits upright tall and strong, peeping for… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Strong (Jan. 1)

Special Nest Notes: E14 is Here!

Harriet and M15 spent countless hours protecting and incubating their cherished Eggs. They each took long breaks away from their nest duties possibly knowing that hatch time was approaching. They may also have sensed their workload will ramp up once eaglets arrive. Feeding and tending to their growing babies requires a lot of energy. M15 made sure the pantry was stocked with fish in anticipation of the new arrivals. Harriet and M15 have realized their reward as E14 began the hatching process and completely emerged from the shell on December… Read More »Special Nest Notes: E14 is Here!

Weekly Nest Notes: Perfecting the Timing (Dec. 3)

Harriet and M15 have perfected the timing of their nest duty exchanges. One flies in with grass, sticks or a prey item and the other is ready to leave without missing a beat. They spend countless hours carefully rolling and incubating their treasured Eggs. Watching the skies and territory, preening and pulling grasses closer are done while protecting the Eggs which are about halfway to the hatching their precious Eaglets. Harriet and M15 engage in self-care during their free time, keeping themselves clean, strong, and nourished. Their chosen home territory… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Perfecting the Timing (Dec. 3)

Weekly Nest Notes: Presenting the New Arrivals (Nov 19.)

Harriet and M15 began the week placing more materials in the nest for the arrival of their greatly anticipated Eggs. Additional sticks and grasses were brought as the nest becomes a secure and comfy nursery. Everything looked to be on schedule since Harriet has been known to lay their Eggs closer to the middle or end of November. Nature follows a path that adheres to principles unknown to humans. Instincts and inherent behaviors guide Harriet and M15 in their daily lives. Harriet laid the first Egg of the Season on… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Presenting the New Arrivals (Nov 19.)

Weekly Nest Notes: The Work & The Wait (Nov. 12)

Harriet and M15 eased their way into a new Nesting Season after their time off with restored energy, renewing their bond and reinforcing their growing nest. M15 has become a master builder, finding the perfect stick and nest material to add in just the right places with Harriet’s approval, of course. Harriet’s days have been spent closer to home watching, preening, and waiting to see what gems M15 will fly in with. His discoveries include large sticks, fluffy moss or grass, an air plant, and food gifts for Harriet. Their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: The Work & The Wait (Nov. 12)