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SWFEC Nest Notes: Delivering Joy into the World (12/6/2022)

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Harriet and M15 have proven time and time again resilience throughout their journey. They faced losses over the years but remained driven to carry their legacy onward. The recent storm damaged the tree they call home and destroyed their nest. Harriet and M15 found a haven to safely ride out the horrendous weather and returned to their territory to begin reconstruction and renovation. Harriet and M15 powered through and built a beautiful nest.

Weekly Nest Notes: Time to Discover the World

E15 and E16 are nearing the time for them to each make their way to discover the world. They have keen instincts and are well schooled in ways of Eagle life. They have been engaging and sharpening skills over the weeks and seem ready for new experiences.  They keep a close watch for Harriet and M15 and an eye on each other just in case a meal is brought in. They have learned that Eagles and other birds may lead them to prey where they will have to use their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Time to Discover the World

Weekly Nest Notes: Growing in Greatness

E15 & E16 seem to while away the hours relaxing in the shade of the moss-covered trees at the pond. Harriet and M15 are usually perching somewhere cool and peaceful re-energizing and readying themselves for a new Season.  Instead, they are still providing for their grown babies.  E15 and E16 have flourished under the care of their dedicated parents. They have excelled in learning and have honed their many instincts over the months. Their goal now is to take those skills along with them when they are ready to navigate… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Growing in Greatness

Nest Notes: Flights to Adventure

E15 and E16 have been quite the explorers over the week. With purpose and speed, E16 took the first flight off the porch branch to follow E15 and M15 with breakfast. E16’s fledge voyage was on July 1 to the Camera 2 tree with a perfect landing. E16 missed on the attempt to fly back to the nest and flew short trips from place to place. E16 eventually found the lawn area between the office and the pond to rest a while. E16’s first day of freedom was both exciting… Read More »Nest Notes: Flights to Adventure

Weekly Nest Notes: Branching & Flying!

E15 and E16 practiced throughout the week high hopping around the nest feeling the wind beneath their majestic wing. By week’s end, E15 had visited more of the branches on the nest tree. On Monday, June 15, thrill-seeker E15 flew to the outer branch from the attic and in an attempt to get back to the nest, ended up on a branch below the nest. The next try to get to the nest found E15 on the ground exploring the pasture. The accidental fledge had E15 walking through the tall… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Branching & Flying!

Weekly Nest Notes: Breaking Records Along the Way

E15 and E16 are intelligent and observant Eaglets taking the lessons of Eagle life in stride. At 8 weeks old they are almost fully grown with magnificent wingspans that allow them to flap away,  jump, and gain airtime in the breezes. They are balanced and confident in their jaunts around the nest and time perched on the rails. E15 has been eyeing the veranda and porch branches and looking curiously the Starlings perched there. Seeing Mom and Dad in the upper branches may have been an invitation for adventure. On… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Breaking Records Along the Way

Weekly Nest Notes: Winging, Walking & Watching

E15 and E16 are turning 6 weeks old and have come a very long way in a short time. They experienced rapid growth over the first month and are now building strength and coordination. They are becoming beauties with sparkling eyes and dark Juvenile feathers sprouting all over. E16 is catching up nicely to older sibling E15. They started with baby steps and are now standing upright and walking more.  Their wings are impressive and sprawling as they flap away in the breezes. They courageously teeter on the rails watching… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Winging, Walking & Watching

Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Fast & Strong

E15 and E16 are developing at a fascinating pace as they reach 4 weeks old. E15 is over a foot tall, weighs around 5-6 pounds with close to a 3-foot wingspan. E16 is a few steps behind but quickly closing in on older E15’s stature. They interact much like human siblings, civil one minute and rumbling the next. While E15 is aggressive at meal-time and gets to the food first, E16 has learned to lay low and make their move to the food when the time is right. Harriet and… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Fast & Strong

Weekly Nest Notes: Signs of Coming Events (March 23)

Harriet and M15 are entering the final phase of incubating their priceless Eggs and hopefully, next week will reveal the results of their dedication. This nesting Season came to an unfortunate abrupt ending, but Harriet and M15 decided that they would persevere by starting anew. They are completely invested in fulfilling their goal of bringing new life into the Eagle world. They have performed in their usual fine-tuned manner as they exchange and share nest duties. Food has begun to trickle into the nest which is one sign of coming… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Signs of Coming Events (March 23)

Weekly Nest Notes: Living the Eagle Life

Harriet and M15 are adapting to Eagle life after the passing of E14. This is a different journey for Harriet over past nesting seasons that have been observed. In two previous seasons, there was a loss of an Eaglet leaving an Eaglet to be cared for. Since the second Egg did not hatch, Harriet and M15 have to adjust to a nesting season with no babies to raise.  They are hard-wired to perpetuate their species and this is new territory in fulfilling their purpose. Will Harriet and M15 try again… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Living the Eagle Life