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Weekly Nest Notes: Breezing Through Milestones

E17 and E18 are breezing through their growth and achieving milestones along the way. Harriet and M15 observe as their not-so-little babies add on to their lists of firsts. E17 and E18 are absorbing more lessons and honing new abilities. Walking upright with more balance and standing in the nest is becoming easier. Little flap hops begin as they exercise mighty wings in the wind. Higher hopping and hovering above the nest is in their future. E17 and E18 are losing their tufts of natal down, giving way to their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Breezing Through Milestones

Weekly Nest Notes: Standing Taller and Stronger

E17 and E18 are approaching six weeks of age and are gaining strength and balance to stand upright, walk a few steps, and flap beautiful wings around the nest. Their stature is impressive, and their sleek dark juvenile feathers are emerging. E18 is catching up to E17 in size and appearance. They practice foraging, picking at items in the nest, and finding food morsels. As they gain more coordination of their feet and beaks, they will start self-feeding. They are quick learners, tracking Harriet and M15 as they arrive, prepare… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Standing Taller and Stronger

Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Strong and Fast

E17 and E18 are just over four weeks old and are growing at an incredible rate. They broke into the world as two fluffy little babies only inches tall and weighing a few ounces. They now work on strengthening their legs and balancing to stand upright. They are about a foot tall, weighing around 5 pounds, with a wingspan of close to 20 inches. Their feet and beaks will soon be adult size. Darker gray thermal down covers them, and juvenile feathers are emerging. Little tails are sprouting and are… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Strong and Fast

Weekly Nest Notes: The Eagle Family Carries On

Harriet and M15 welcomed E17 and E18 home after they were re-nested from their rehabilitation from eye infections. Although they seemed surprised to see E17 and E18 in the nest again, Mom and Dad resumed care of their priceless babies without a second thought. E17 and E18 adjusted to their natural surroundings in the nest once more, and all was well as the precious Eagle Family carried on. Harriet and M15 picked up right where they left off, bringing in food for their hungry growing babies. E17 and E18 are… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: The Eagle Family Carries On

Weekly Nest Notes: A Homecoming For E17 and E18!

Harriet and M15 spent the week adjusting to what they perceived as the loss of their two babies. E17 and E18, at five days old, were rescued by CROW (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) with permission for treatment for eye infections. Harriet and M15 returned to the nest through the day and each evening. They added some nesting materials and worked on strengthening their bond. Last Season they did much the same after the loss of precious E14 and non-viable egg. Harriet and M15 spent time accepting the loss,… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: A Homecoming For E17 and E18!

Weekly Nest Notes: Hopeful for a Full Nest Soon

Harriet and M15 welcomed their precious E17 and E18 only to have their babies rescued by CROW (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) less than a week later. As stewards of the Earth and Nature, Humans must protect all creatures and their environment. When observations showed signs of eye infections in the Eaglets, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service permitted their removal and treatment. M15 flew off the nest as the bucket truck rose to nest level and flew around the nest tree in defense mode. The Eaglet’s retrieval process… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Hopeful for a Full Nest Soon

Weekly Nest Notes: Same Day Delivery, Welcome E17 and E18!

Harriet and M15 have proven again how well suited they are as mates. Keen instincts and a lot of experience allowed them to produce their new generation of offspring. They delayed incubation of Egg 1 and then incubated continuously after Egg 2 was laid, three days later. This great effort enabled E17 and E18 to break into their new world on the very same day. What a special delivery! Harriet and M15 kept up around the clock tending to the Eggs even as they were piping and beginning to hatch… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Same Day Delivery, Welcome E17 and E18!

Weekly Nest Notes: Ready for Hatching

Harriet and M15 have been steadfast as they patiently tended to their priceless Eggs over the month. They perform seamless exchanges on nest duty, and the long hours of incubation ready the Eggs for hatching. The process begins a few days earlier as the chick works to score the inside of the Egg. The “pip” or hole appears when the chick pokes through the shell, eventually cracking the Egg and breaking free into the world. Harriet and M15’s strong bond and commitment allow them to accomplish their goal. Together they… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Ready for Hatching

Weekly Nest Notes: Perfect Harmony

Harriet and M15 continue on their around the clock incubating shifts while the time is ticking down to Egg hatching. Harriet and M15 work in perfect harmony to defend, protect, and care for their family. They are aware of all that goes on in the territory and keep it secure. Day or night, any intruders entering the area are warned and promptly escorted away. All of their energies are focused on adding to their legacy of strength and perseverance. Harriet and M15 share all aspects of their lives as an… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Perfect Harmony

Weekly Nest Notes: Rolling into the New Year

Harriet and M15 began the New Year and are about half-way to the hatching of their precious Eggs. They diligently and patiently care for their charges and make incubating look easy. They instinctively know when to roll the Eggs to keep them at the perfect temperature. The gentleness with which they tend to the Eggs and aerate around them is amazing. Their beaks and feet are strong enough to tear through fish and prey but they move about the nest with the utmost caution. The same tenderness will be seen… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Rolling into the New Year