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Weekly Nest Notes: Ready for the Journey

E17 and E18 are readying for Eagle life as they wander and discover the territory and beyond. They spend many afternoons away from the nest tree. In a flash, they show up to fight over a meal delivery. They perch together at times and seem to want their own space at other times. Their frolicking on the pond bank became a scuffle to warn the other away. They soared the skies in unison one minute then practiced aerial battle the next. These two strong Juvenile Eagles are coming into their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Ready for the Journey

Weekly Nest Notes: Exploring and Enjoying the Territory

E17 and E18 are expanding their boundaries as they explore new perches in the territory. With growing interest and curiosity, they dash off from place to place seeking new experiences. Many of their feats and adventures are in the early mornings and evenings. They rested in the hot afternoons among the shady trees in the West pasture. E18 took a farther flight to a tree where Harriet and M15 perch lazing away the afternoons.  E17 and E18 enjoy the comforts of the pond on warm days where wading in the… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Exploring and Enjoying the Territory

Weekly Nest Notes: Juvenile Eagles Flying Far and High

E17 and E18 have graduated to Juvenile Eagle status now that they are flying everywhere. The breezes and other birds giving chase help them along their way. They enjoy the pond trees and snags while perching in the warm afternoons. They take dips and sips in the water and chase each other around the pond bank. E17 and E18 are flying higher and farther on their daily excursions around the territory. Harriet and M15 begin to encourage E17 and E18 to follow them to favorite hunting and fishing areas. Food… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Juvenile Eagles Flying Far and High

Weekly Nest Notes: Fantastic Fledglings, Excellent Explorers

E17 and E18 are off on amazing adventures now that E18 took an exceptional first flight from the nest tree. No one would have guessed that a rainy morning would result in E18′s fledging with wet wings and all. In the short time since they took their initial voyages, they are mastering more skills. They are agile and beautiful fliers as they twist, turn, and land with precision. Each adjusted to being on the ground and flying up and away with little effort. Fearless E17 and E18′s jaunts carry them… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Fantastic Fledglings, Excellent Explorers

Weekly Nest Notes: Feeling the Freedom of Flight

E17 and E18 are just over 12 weeks old and are ready to proceed to the next stage as all the boxes in their development are checked. E17 is officially a Fledgling, taking their maiden flight to the nearby pine tree with purpose and a perfect landing. E17 has since executed beautiful fights around the pasture, explored new trees, and visited most of the branches in the nest tree. E18 worked up and out to the porch and took a beautiful leap to the attic branch. They both perched a… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Feeling the Freedom of Flight

Weekly Nest Notes: Time To Fly

E17 and E18 are making great strides on the way to their first flights. Strong winds over the week encouraged the exercising of their magnificent wings. While E18 is more cautious and fly hops with purpose, E17 hovers high above the nest and back with controlled landings. Once E17 reached the attic branch, frequent trips there were made with ease. E18 watched and looked for the way to get up there. E17 peered into the camera lens for a selfie session as Eaglets have done in the past. E17 perched… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Time To Fly

Weekly Nest Notes: Ready for the Big Leap

E17 and E18 turn their eyes toward the sky to study the upper branches in the nest tree. They took their first steps off the nest and still practice for the trip to a higher perch. E17 explored farther out on the veranda and flap hopped to the spike. E18 is still comfortable to perch and flap on the veranda branch.  E17 and E18 will soon ready for their first flight away from the security of the nest. E17 and E18 are right on target in their development and possess… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Ready for the Big Leap

Weekly Nest Notes: Seeking Higher Places

E17 and E18 are approaching their 10th week as incredible young raptors, breaking through many milestones along the way. They entered the world a few hours apart, overcame adversity in their beginning weeks, and are on a clear path to new experiences. Their sights aim upwards, and majestic wings give them lift as they fly hop around the nest. E17 made the first step from the nest to the veranda branch, looking comfortable while taking in the sights. E18 stepped up to the veranda the following day with ease and… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Seeking Higher Places

Weekly Nest Notes: Catching the Wind

E17 and E18 are just over eight weeks old are making great strides as all the elements in their development come together. Their behaviors and personalities are changing and emerging. They are balanced and poised as they stand and walk around the nest, seeking items of interest and any food morsels. They are more curious and watchful of life happening outside the nest. Windy days encourage them to feel the air in beautifully outstretched wings for strong “wingercising.” Their coordination improves as they grasp, hold, and carry items with their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Catching the Wind

Weekly Nest Notes: Brave Beauties

E17 and E18 stand confidently tall and exercise their stunning wings in the breeze. They teeter close to the edge and spend hours tracking all that happens around and beyond the nest tree. The nest becomes smaller as they approach adult size. Their sleek dark juvenile feathers have them so closely matched, a slight white fringe on E18’s tail can help tell them apart. In a flash of time, E17 and E18 have grown into impressive strong beauties. Harriet and M15 introduce many different prey items, and E17 and E18… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Brave Beauties