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Weekly Nest Notes: Mighty Wings Catching Air!

E15 and E16 are making great progress and are gaining strength and confidence. They catch the wind with their mighty wings, flapping, hopping, and jumping around the nest. E15 visited the veranda branch over the week and is comfortable perching, preening, winging, and watching the world go by. E15 studies the upper branches looking for the way to get there. Hovering to higher heights is on the way.  E16 “wingersizes”  in the breezes gaining the courage to make it up and out to a branch soon. E15 and E16 are… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Mighty Wings Catching Air!

Weekly Nest Notes: Brilliant Beauties

E15 and E16 have begun to look so much alike over the week it is hard to tell one from the other. It was just about 7 weeks ago that these two were little helpless Hatchlings.  They now stand with balance and confidence while preening, walking the perimeter of the nest and flapping their amazing wings. E15 and E16’s dark Juvenile feathers are brilliant and their stature is stunningly beautiful. E15 and E16 are progressing at a steady pace and will soon be adult-size. They spend more time awake scanning… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Brilliant Beauties

Weekly Nest Notes: Winging, Walking & Watching

E15 and E16 are turning 6 weeks old and have come a very long way in a short time. They experienced rapid growth over the first month and are now building strength and coordination. They are becoming beauties with sparkling eyes and dark Juvenile feathers sprouting all over. E16 is catching up nicely to older sibling E15. They started with baby steps and are now standing upright and walking more.  Their wings are impressive and sprawling as they flap away in the breezes. They courageously teeter on the rails watching… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Winging, Walking & Watching

Weekly Nest Notes: Braving the Boundaries

E15 and E16 are becoming more and more adventurous as they transition to the next phase of their growth. They spend more time on the nest rails where the air is cooler and the views are more interesting. Their bottom-heavy bodies will keep them anchored so they won’t fall over. Earlier in the week, Harriet coaxed them away from the edge but many times they went right back. Pushing the boundaries equals lessons in confidence and survival for these curious young raptors. Harriet and M15 provided plentiful meals for E15… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Braving the Boundaries

Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Fast & Strong

E15 and E16 are developing at a fascinating pace as they reach 4 weeks old. E15 is over a foot tall, weighs around 5-6 pounds with close to a 3-foot wingspan. E16 is a few steps behind but quickly closing in on older E15’s stature. They interact much like human siblings, civil one minute and rumbling the next. While E15 is aggressive at meal-time and gets to the food first, E16 has learned to lay low and make their move to the food when the time is right. Harriet and… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Fast & Strong

Weekly Nest Notes: Here We Grow!

Harriet and M15 focus on the constant care of their lively Eaglets. The rate at which E15 and E16 are growing requires a great amount of nutrition to fuel their sprouting bodies. Hatching just about 3 short weeks ago, E15 and E16 weighed about 2 ounces and were around 3 inches tall.  Darker thermal down feathers have mostly replaced their natal down allowing them to regulate their body temperatures. They gain around 5 ounces per day, are about 1 foot tall and close to 3 pounds. Pin feathers start to… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Here We Grow!

Weekly Nest Notes: Eating, Sleeping & Growing

Harriet and M15 have their work cut out keeping E15 and E16’s needs met as they approach 2 weeks old. Harriet did her share bringing fish and prey to the nest. M15 used his hunting skills to provide food for hungry Eaglets. There were interesting items delivered to the nest including a pet toy squirrel that Harriet mistook for real. The de-furring never ended in anything but fluffy stuffing. M15 seemed to want to offer it food while the E15 and E16 climbed over and snuggled with it.  All seemed… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Eating, Sleeping & Growing

Weekly Nest Notes: The Work & The Wait (Nov. 12)

Harriet and M15 eased their way into a new Nesting Season after their time off with restored energy, renewing their bond and reinforcing their growing nest. M15 has become a master builder, finding the perfect stick and nest material to add in just the right places with Harriet’s approval, of course. Harriet’s days have been spent closer to home watching, preening, and waiting to see what gems M15 will fly in with. His discoveries include large sticks, fluffy moss or grass, an air plant, and food gifts for Harriet. Their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: The Work & The Wait (Nov. 12)

Weekly Nest Notes: Reaching for New Heights

E12 and E13 are acing all the tests put before them. They are employing their inborn abilities and are engaging in new behaviors.  Nature provides the breezes as they work out wondrous wings, gaining power and loft as they fly hop from edge to edge in the nest. E12 explores the veranda branches and E13 windsurfs on the spike branch. They perch together at times and land one on top of the other at times. The nest area seems to be shrinking when E12 and E13 flap away causing skirmishes… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Reaching for New Heights

Weekly Nest Notes: The Path to Eagle Life

E12 and E13 are looking more like Juvenile Eaglets than the tiny hatchlings they were a short time ago.  Their beautiful dark feathers seem to have burst through overnight with only a few tufts of their natal down remaining. They displayed their magnificent wings feeling the breezes while flapping away with wings almost reaching the expanse of the nest. E13 was swept up in a little air while “wingersizing” and hopped a few times in the nest. They are catching up to their huge feet and are working on coordinating… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: The Path to Eagle Life