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Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Fast & Strong

E15 and E16 are developing at a fascinating pace as they reach 4 weeks old. E15 is over a foot tall, weighs around 5-6 pounds with close to a 3-foot wingspan. E16 is a few steps behind but quickly closing in on older E15’s stature. They interact much like human siblings, civil one minute and rumbling the next. While E15 is aggressive at meal-time and gets to the food first, E16 has learned to lay low and make their move to the food when the time is right. Harriet and… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Fast & Strong

Weekly Nest Notes: Growing & Learning (Jan. 7, 2020)

Harriet and M15 have watched E14 growing before their eyes over the last 2 weeks.  At hatching time E14 weighed about 2 ounces and was 3 inches tall. Now approaching 3 weeks, E14 is about a foot tall and weighs close to 3 pounds. E14 is mostly covered with darker grey thermal down feathers to help regulate their body temperature. E14 is alert and strong in between long naps that produce more growing spurts. Feet are bumping out quickly and little wings are developing pin feathers. E14 preens those sprouting… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Growing & Learning (Jan. 7, 2020)

Weekly Nest Notes- Oct. 8th- A New Season Begins!

Harriet and M15 are working to ready their nest for a new generation of offspring. Time off allowed them to renew themselves and restore energy for their grand endeavor. Harriet stopped by for an occasional visit to her beloved nest and territory throughout the summer months. The nest and tree held fast over the break. As the new Nesting Season approached, Harriet and M15 made more appearances, perched together, added sticks and grasses to the nest and engaged in all their bonding behaviors. M15 delivered a fish gift for Harriet… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes- Oct. 8th- A New Season Begins!

Weekly Nest Notes: Small Step, Giant Feat

E12 and E13 exercised their magnificent wings building strength, stamina and control in preparation for their future flights. They caught big air lifting them higher and higher while flapping away in the breezes. They each took a small step off the nest for an Eaglet and a giant leap toward their milestone to freedom. E12 hopped up with ease to the veranda branch and E13 launched there 2 days later. Now the fun begins as they set their sights on higher perches in the nest tree. They seem advanced for… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Small Step, Giant Feat

Weekly Nest Notes: Perfect Timing is Everything

Harriet and M15 execute perfectly timed exchanges almost like a dance as one leaves the nest and the other arrives. They have become an efficient incubating team. There were a few cooler evenings and breezy days over the week that required continual brooding of their Eggs. It may seem as if those hours spent on the nest are tedious ones but Harriet and M15 instinctively time the moments they rise up to roll the Eggs keeping the developing Chicks at an even temperature. M15 delivered beak and talons full of… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Perfect Timing is Everything

Weekly Nest Notes: Team Work

The nesting season is progressing and the possibility of eggs looks promising. Harriet and M15 have been steadily working on nest enhancements bringing larger branches for railings and some soft nesting materials for eggs. Their teamwork is paying off as the nest takes shape with the beginnings of a nest bowl. M15’s instincts are in full force as his skills in branch choice and arrangement are sharpening. Harriet seems to still be in charge when they wrangle over the right placement of nest material. Their bond as a mated Eagle… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Team Work