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Weekly Nest Notes: Exchanging Places (March 10)

Harriet and M15 kept up their efficient exchanges incubating their treasured Eggs through the week. As one arises to stretch and take a break from nest duty the other is on the spot to take their turn. They while away the hours on the nest watching the comings and goings in the vicinity. This is their second go-around of incubating Eggs this Season and in a few weeks, their consistent commitment will reveal the fruits of their labor. Harriet and M15 appear especially sensitive to visitors in the territory. They… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Exchanging Places (March 10)

Weekly Nest Notes: It is All on Eagle Time

Harriet stayed close to the nest she loves over the week. M15 was in a high gear searching far and wide for the perfect nest materials. He brought in large sticks and branches and a lot of grasses. M15 dug in and laid in the nest to get the fluff just right in preparation for their precious cargo. Harriet brought in boughs of her favorite fresh pine. They work with a sense of urgency to get it all done. Their frequent mating helps to insure fertilized eggs and also strengthens… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: It is All on Eagle Time

Weekly Nest Notes- Nesting Season Begins for Harriet & M15

October 1 was the first official day of Nesting Season but Harriet and M15 have been busy for many weeks preparing their nest for the next generation of Eaglets. Harriet and M15 were seen on and off over the summer as they took time to relax, refresh and restore themselves for the new season. M15 may have been away on little vacation and then made an appearance in the territory on August 8, 2017. Harriet had plenty to tell him as she vocalized for a while. He seemed to listen… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes- Nesting Season Begins for Harriet & M15

Weekly Nest Notes: Team Work

The nesting season is progressing and the possibility of eggs looks promising. Harriet and M15 have been steadily working on nest enhancements bringing larger branches for railings and some soft nesting materials for eggs. Their teamwork is paying off as the nest takes shape with the beginnings of a nest bowl. M15’s instincts are in full force as his skills in branch choice and arrangement are sharpening. Harriet seems to still be in charge when they wrangle over the right placement of nest material. Their bond as a mated Eagle… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Team Work

Nest Notes: Harriet Leads by Example

Photo by Jan WoodsPhoto by Jan Woods Harriet is a well seasoned Eagle partner and Mom. She has excelled in her ability to adapt to her challenges and raise her young. She has imprinted many lessons on to her offspring as they grew into strong juvenile Eagles who ventures off into the world. Harriet always seemed to rule the roost, so to speak. Female Eagles appear to be the dominant partner in Eagle family dynamics. We observed Harriet in her gentle but also firm ways in raising her young and… Read More »Nest Notes: Harriet Leads by Example

Father’s Day Tribute to Ozzie

The great and mighty Ozzie deserves top honors on Father’s Day. He has been a loyal mate to Harriet and dedicated Father to their offspring over their many years as a bonded pair. Ozzie has displayed fierceness in the protection of his family and territory along with tenderness in caring for his young. He has been an excellent provider and a master nest builder for his family. Ozzie has exhibited his strong ability to persevere in the face of adversity. He supported his family through trials and tribulations in the… Read More »Father’s Day Tribute to Ozzie

Mother’s Day Tribute to Harriet

Harriet deserves top honors in her role as Eagle Mom. Her dedication and commitment to raising her young is even more evident this season. This year was filled with many challenges for Harriet but she persevered and carried out her Motherly care of her Family. As observers we have witnessed situations that may have caused the strongest of us to give up, but not determined Harriet. Harriet and Ozzie began readying the nest for the season in the fall as they have done for many years. They work as a… Read More »Mother’s Day Tribute to Harriet

Exploring the Great Unknown: Nest Notes- April 12-19

E6 greets the early mornings with eagerness and is discovering new and interesting experiences within and outside the nest territory. E6’s curiosity and drive for adventure is apparent in the skies and on land at the pond bank. E6 enjoys lengthy flights sweeping through the clouds and back alone and at times with Mom. E6 even finds entertainment with the small knots and knurls on the tree branches landing on them, pulling off bits and pieces and at times tumbling off only to regain flight and try it all over… Read More »Exploring the Great Unknown: Nest Notes- April 12-19

Trusting in Nature- Nest Notes for March 29-April 5

Eagle Life for Harriet and E6 has taken an interesting direction since Ozzie’s accident and stay in the wildlife clinic, C.R.O.W. The first week was filled with tense moments as several juvenile, sub adult and adult Eagles frequented the nest territory. E6 was entering the critical time of preparing for the initial flight from the nest tree. Harriet seemed visibly confused by the perceived loss of her mate but driven by her instinct to feed and protect E6. Harriet seemed to allow herself a few days to accept and adjust… Read More »Trusting in Nature- Nest Notes for March 29-April 5

Just Keep Growing! Nest Notes for Jan. 25- Feb 1

E6 is 5 weeks old and has had a lot of experiences and lessons over the last week. Some conditions were changing in the nest as the weather turned windy and cooler teaching E6 to lay low and seek the shelter of Mom and Dad. Rains moved into the area and E6 learned that wet meant bath since there is no room under Mom or Dad for E6’s larger body. E6 is experiencing a tremendous growing spurt and E6’s appearance is changing with beautifully developing wings and feathers. E6 gains… Read More »Just Keep Growing! Nest Notes for Jan. 25- Feb 1