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SWFEC Nest Notes: Delivering Joy into the World (12/6/2022)

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Harriet and M15 have proven time and time again resilience throughout their journey. They faced losses over the years but remained driven to carry their legacy onward. The recent storm damaged the tree they call home and destroyed their nest. Harriet and M15 found a haven to safely ride out the horrendous weather and returned to their territory to begin reconstruction and renovation. Harriet and M15 powered through and built a beautiful nest.

Weekly Nest Notes: Comforts of Home- Oct. 12

 E15 remains in the area and is enjoying all the comforts of home. E15 explores areas of the territory but doesn’t venture far just in case there is an opportunity to get a meal. M15 and even Harriet presented food and E15 took them up on their offerings. Surprisingly, Mom and Dad are feeding their capable Juvenile Eagle. E15 did manage to “hunt” a few items including a frog on his/her own. E15 is in no hurry to leave the area and may stay as long as food is easy… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Comforts of Home- Oct. 12

Weekly Nest Notes: A Season of Surprises

Harriet and M15 traditionally are just returning from their Summer break after a Season of raising their offspring. They reunite, renew their bond, and begin the process of working on their nest for the upcoming nesting Season. The 2019/2020 Nesting Season has been extended and has been one of twists and turns. Harriet and M15 withstood many tests that come with Eagle life and faced adversity with courage and resilience. They dealt with the sudden loss of their priceless Eaglet E14 and nonviable Egg 2 with determination to continue their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: A Season of Surprises

Weekly Nest Notes: Soaring to New Horizons

E15 and E16 grew more independent over the week preparing for the journey ahead. They sought out new sights soaring far and high on the thermals and sailing through the clouds. Although they have become less tolerant of each other, they spent the morning perched on the pylons at the pond. They took in the sights and swooped the ducks. A while later E16 flew to the nest tree for possibly one last look. E16 took off on a long winding flight around the territory eventually disappearing into the Southeast… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Soaring to New Horizons

Weekly Nest Notes: Time to Discover the World

E15 and E16 are nearing the time for them to each make their way to discover the world. They have keen instincts and are well schooled in ways of Eagle life. They have been engaging and sharpening skills over the weeks and seem ready for new experiences.  They keep a close watch for Harriet and M15 and an eye on each other just in case a meal is brought in. They have learned that Eagles and other birds may lead them to prey where they will have to use their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Time to Discover the World

Weekly Nest Notes: Rough and Tumble Raptors

E15 and E16 remain in the area practicing and perfecting their skills. They tweak their flying abilities adding twists and turns sometimes missing a landing. They proceed with a good recovery to fly off to another branch or tree. They made their presence known in the pasture swooping around the pond chasing away the birds and ducks gathered there. Soaring the skies above the territory takes them farther to seek out new and interesting adventures.  E15 and E16 are coming into their own as each spends overnight hours and time… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Rough and Tumble Raptors

Weekly Nest Notes: Growing in Greatness

E15 & E16 seem to while away the hours relaxing in the shade of the moss-covered trees at the pond. Harriet and M15 are usually perching somewhere cool and peaceful re-energizing and readying themselves for a new Season.  Instead, they are still providing for their grown babies.  E15 and E16 have flourished under the care of their dedicated parents. They have excelled in learning and have honed their many instincts over the months. Their goal now is to take those skills along with them when they are ready to navigate… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Growing in Greatness

Weekly Nest Notes: Fantastic Flyers

E15 and E16 are over 100 days old and have many of the tools they need for Eagle life on their own. They are strong, inquisitive, and eager Juvenile Eagles seeking new experiences. Their natural capacity for wonder finds them at the pond exploring and foraging through the plants and perching on the fences and trees. They enjoy a drink, romp around the pond bank, grab at sticks and stones, and take refreshing baths in the water. The pond provides them with quiet, shady comfort to rest and conserve their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Fantastic Flyers

Weekly Nest Notes: Time for Flying & Discovery

E15 and E16 were kept occupied by Dad as Mom was off on a mini-vacation. E15 has been exploring the pasture and beyond. E16 has been comfortable staying at the home front waiting for a meal to be delivered. At this point in an Eaglet’s life, Moms are usually ready for them to move on. Mom may be in the detaching process as her job raising her family is mostly done. Dad continues to feed and look out for the youngsters. M15 has been stellar providing for E15 and E16… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Time for Flying & Discovery

Weekly Nest Notes: Ready for the Freedom of Flight

E15 and E16 are turning 12 weeks old and look fully grown. They appear larger than Adults because of their longer wing and tail feathers that help them in flying and soaring. They weigh less than Adults but will build muscle mass as they mature.  Earlier in the week, E15 fledged accidentally while hopping the nest tree branches. E15 spent the night in a front pine and, the next morning flew around the pasture to the nest. E15 was then knocked off the attic branch one evening by the pesky… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Ready for the Freedom of Flight