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All is Calm- Nest Activity for Dec 18

Harriet had a late night out last night so her morning incubating time lasted a little longer. Ozzie treated his mate to a fish breakfast this morning. Harriet was very eager to eat her delivered meal. Harriet returned for her second round of egg sitting and was treated again by Ozzie with a second course of his freshly caught fish before noon.. There were beautiful flights to and from the camera 2 tree in the afternoon. All was calm at Ozzie and Harriet’s nest today. After sunset,Harriet returned for her night… Read More »All is Calm- Nest Activity for Dec 18

Protect and Defend – Nest Activity for Dec 17

Harriet vocalized loudly as she had Ozzie in her sight bringing breakfast. Harriet voiced her appreciation, ate quickly and flew off to the camera 2 tree. Ozzie took over incubating duties and spent the morning watching the horse play activities in the pasture. A short while later Ozzie set his sights to the sky watching a possible intruder. He took a sweeping flight around the nest tree, back to an upper branch and around again. Harriet arrived quickly on the nest to protect her precious eggs.  Later that afternoon Ozzie… Read More »Protect and Defend – Nest Activity for Dec 17

H and O Christmas Tree- Nest Activity for Dec 16

In the very early morning hours Harriet was awake preening and aerating the nest bowl. She began to call for Ozzie and then flew above the nest as Ozzie arrived to take over his nest duties. Harriet stayed close to the nest area and could be heard vocalizing from a distance. When Harriet returned from one of her breaks she brought a large fresh pine bough. One theory is that fresh pine is for deodorizing the nest and repelling bugs. Others would say that Harriet likes to decorate the nest… Read More »H and O Christmas Tree- Nest Activity for Dec 16

Is that for Me? – Nest Activity for Dec 15

Harriet kept her precious eggs safe, dry and warm from the early morning rain storms. She spent a few minutes flapping her wings trying to dry out her soggy feathers. Ozzie arrived with some grassy nest material, maybe in anticipation of their coming baby chicks. Later in the afternoon Harriet brought her favorite greenery back to the nest, ‘Tis the season after all. In the early evening Harriet began vocalizing and looking off to the pond area. She saw that Ozzie was there eating something. She waited and called out… Read More »Is that for Me? – Nest Activity for Dec 15

Harriet and Friends- Nest Activity for Dec 14

In approximately 7 days some changes may be occurring to begin the hatching of Ozzie and Harriet’s baby chicks. Harriet has been spending the majority of her time on the nest these past days. Ozzie brought lunch to Harriet and she vocalized her delight as she spotted him flying to the nest. Ozzie took over egg sitting while Harriet ate her lunch. She then flew off to the pond for her bath. Ozzie and Harriet’s nest area is host to a group of very spry and vocal starling birds. Some… Read More »Harriet and Friends- Nest Activity for Dec 14

“Yes Dear”- Nest Activity for Dec 13

Ozzie is always ready and available to Harriet to defend, feed, take over egg incubating and help with parenting duties of their soon to be hatched baby chicks. Harriet called out in the very early hours of the morning and Ozzie was at her side. Ozzie and Harriet are a magnificent pair who are dedicated to each other and their offspring. Ozzie called out to warn off a few passing birds on his morning watch. Harriet arrived on the nest at 2:46 pm and spent the afternoon “housekeeping” by fluffing… Read More »“Yes Dear”- Nest Activity for Dec 13

Time is Flying: Nest Activity for Dec 12, 2013

Today marks 9 days for hatch watch to begin. It was just a few short weeks ago that all were elated about the laying of these precious eggs. Now anticipation is building for the arrival of Ozzie and Harriet’s adorable hatchlings. The day was a bit cooler at the nest and Ozzie and Harriet did a great job of keeping the eggs warm and cozy. Ozzie brought Harriet a fish for lunch for which she vocalized her pleasure. Ozzie was the protector voicing his warning to some large birds soaring… Read More »Time is Flying: Nest Activity for Dec 12, 2013

No FLY Zone: Nest Activity for Dec 11

Ozzie and Harriet are serious defenders of their territory and nest. Ozzie took the night shift incubating and went into a protective mantle over those precious eggs when possibly an owl swept over the nest. At 5:05 am, Harriet quietly tip-taloned onto the nest where Ozzie now seemed to be content in his overnight nest duties. Ozzie remained perched close by on the “porch” branch protecting his family. The camera capture of a falling star in the predawn sky was a beautiful backdrop. Early afternoon warning calls were heard from… Read More »No FLY Zone: Nest Activity for Dec 11

Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Prepares for Holidays Hatchlings

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Prepares for Holidays Hatchlings “Hatch Watch” kicks off with arrivals expected in time for the Holidays   FORT MYERS, Fla. (December 12, 2013) – The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFEC) is pleased to announce the area’s most beloved pair of bald eagles is expecting! Harriet’s two eggs, laid November 17 and November 20, are in the homestretch of the average 35 day incubation period. The veteran eagle parents, Harriet and Ozzie, have diligently taken turns incubating their young by maintaining the necessary 105… Read More »Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Prepares for Holidays Hatchlings

Conversations & Flights- Nest Activity for Dec 10

Harriet had a long overnight stay on the nest from the previous afternoon. She called out to Ozzie and took flight to the Camera 2 tree. Ozzie simultaneously flew to the nest to begin his incubating duty. Another such exchange occurred a short while later with Harriet back on the nest. In the afternoon Harriet called out and took a flight around the pasture, maybe to ward off an intruder. Harriet then flew back to the upper branch of the nest tree. Ozzie arrived on the branch a short time… Read More »Conversations & Flights- Nest Activity for Dec 10