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Happy Happy Happy Bald Eagle Day!! #eaglecam #awesomeday #donate

Life is better when we are together….

As America’s divorce rate now exceeds 50 percent- its refreshing to remind everyone, the national emblem of the United States,  Bald eagles typically mate for life.

The Eaglets are almost 8 Weeks Old

The young birds grow rapidly, they add one pound to their body weight every four or five days. At one to two weeks, it is possible for them to hold their head up for feeding. By three weeks they are foot high and their feet and beaks are very nearly adult size. At three or four weeks, this eaglet is covered in its secondary coat of gray down. In another two weeks or so, black juvenile feathers will begin to grow in. Between four and five weeks, the birds are… Read More »The Eaglets are almost 8 Weeks Old

Some unwanted visitors to the nest- H & O protecting their young. 

Us waching them, them watching us

Feb 12- Action in the nest- Immature eagles make an unwarranted stop by the nest- parent eaglets Harriet and Ozzie show their dislike and quickly chase them out of the area.

Want to Watch the Eagles?

Watch LIVE NOW To preserve the natural habitat of the eagles, the camera is positioned six feet above the nest and is attached to a tree limb, using no screws or nails. The noiseless camera also uses night vision.  This feature allows the camera to see at night without disturbing the eagles. The camera streams live video and can be viewed at . The camera was launched in September of 2012.

Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam”, providing 24/7 live video stream of an active pair of bald eagles in their nest. These bald eagles have been coming to the nest for the past 5 years between the months of October- April. This year, they are raising 2 eaglets (Hope and Honor) born Jan 1 and Jan 3. Watch LIVE NOW