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Through Winds & Rains…Daily Summary for Nov 26

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Tuesday, November 26, 2013NEITHER WIND, NOR RAIN, NOR… The overnight hours brought wind and rain to the area. The precious eggs were warm and safe in their nest under the care of Mom, Harriet. The first exchange of incubation duties took place at 6:43 am. Dad, Ozzie took over the care of the precious eggs carefully rolling the eggs and aerating the nest to keep the nest bowl soft and dry. Harriet returned later in the morning with more soft nest material. Instinctively they know cooler, wetter… Read More »Through Winds & Rains…Daily Summary for Nov 26

Dinner is Served…Nest Summary for Sunday, Nov 24

Hungry Harriet and 2 Fish Tails Harriet began her early morning vocalizing for Ozzie to relieve her night shift of incubating their beautiful eggs. It was reported that Harriet was on the nest for 12 hours and 45 minutes. Ozzie immediately appeared on the nest to take over his morning duties. Ozzie was on the nest for several hours when Harriet flew in for her turn. Ozzie came back to the nest area with a fish. He took it to a tree by the pond and proceeded to eat his… Read More »Dinner is Served…Nest Summary for Sunday, Nov 24

Taking Turns & Teamwork

Southwest FL Eagle Cam Daily Summary Saturday, November 23.2013 As the day begins to dawn Harriet lay peacefully calling out as if she knew Ozzie was close by. She may have be letting him know that his day “shift” of nest tending and egg incubating was about to begin. Shortly after Harriet departed from the nest Ozzie did arrive to take over his duties. Harriet returned a while later with some soft nest material. They both constantly bring reinforcements for the nest bowl and the nest itself. At one of… Read More »Taking Turns & Teamwork

Keep Rolling, Rolling Rolling…

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Friday, November 22, 2013 Summary by DadsJazz Ozzie and Harriet have 2 beautiful eggs in the nest and their parental duties are a 24 hour job. Their day consisted of time taking turns incubating the eggs. Rolling the eggs takes place at regular intervals throughout the day and night. Harriet had very early 3:00 am sleepy stroll to the edge of the nest for her stretch and a break. She immediately returned to the eggs and gave them a roll, settled in and went back off to… Read More »Keep Rolling, Rolling Rolling…

Eagle Egg Q &A

Summary/Photo by UrdognU Harriet so proud of her two baby eggs  Can eagles lay more than one egg at a time?Eagles lay their eggs one at a time and from one to three days apart. Egg producing consumes a great deal of energy. Only one egg can be produced at a time and takes 24 hours or more to form once the male sperm penetrates the ova (female egg). Can one mating result in more than one egg?One mating can result in more than one egg. The sperm reaches the… Read More »Eagle Egg Q &A

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling- Nest Summary for Nov. 21

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Thursday, November 21, 2013 Ozzie’s first look at egg number 2: by dragonlainey Roll and Roll AgainSummary by: DadsJazz Lovely Harriet surprised us when she laid her second egg yesterday very subtly without many obvious signs. Harriet spent most of the night and very early morning incubating her precious possessions. Ozzie had his first chance to take his turn at incubation the newly laid egg at 6:21 am. He was observed carefully and gently approaching the eggs so not to harm them. It is amazing the gentleness… Read More »Rolling, Rolling, Rolling- Nest Summary for Nov. 21

And Then There Were Two: Daily Summary for Nov. 21

And Then There Were TwoSWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Wednesday, November 20, 2013Summary by DadsJazz Screen capture from video by dragonlainey As all the enthusiastic followers of this wonderful eagle pair watched in anticipation, Harriet graced us with an extra special delivery this evening with her egg number 2 at 6:18 pm. Many had viewed in awe as the first egg was laid on Sunday, November 17. Hours were spent anticipating the next delivery and that special moment was barely noticed as Beautiful Harriet lay incubating precious egg number 1. About 40… Read More »And Then There Were Two: Daily Summary for Nov. 21

Egg #2 on the Way? Daily Summary for Nov. 19

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Tuesday, November 19, 2013By: DadsJazz Incubating, Mating and Waiting (Photo by Greg Hill) It was a very early start to the day, shortly after midnight Harriet was ready for Ozzie to take over incubating duties of their 2 day old egg. She flew off the nest vocalizing for Ozzie. He arrived in the nest rearranged the soft nest bowl material, gently rolled the egg and settled over it. As the day began to dawn fog blanketed the area. Ozzie kept to his duties of egg tending until… Read More »Egg #2 on the Way? Daily Summary for Nov. 19

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam VIDEO HIGLIGHTS

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam VIDEO HIGLIGHTS Our amazing team of videographers spends hours of time everyday going through the nest footage, editing down highlights and activity for you to watch over and over again. Check out all the latest videos here: Peanut1956  rickblack7792 urdognu  Thank you for all you do! 

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam DAILY SUMMARY Monday November 18, 2013 The Object of Their Affection The first day of Ozzie and Harriet’s egg arrival was filled with activity and excitement. Much energy is expended during egg formation and the laying process . Throughout the night and early morning Harriet lay in the nest. At 3:53 am Ozzie took over his duties of egg tending. Ozzie seemed a little unsettled, possibly readjusting to his roll of incubating. He cautiously rolled the egg, placed it perfectly and nestled in to keep it… Read More »