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Weekly Nest Notes: Watch Us Grow

E12 and E13’s development is on the  fast track as they grow bigger and stronger right before our eyes.  They are adding about 5 ounces of weight each day and are at least a foot tall. Their new darker thermal down helps them keep cool or warm as needed.  They pick at and preen themselves as feathers continue to grow in and also to help their juvenile pin feathers that are starting to emerge on sprouting wings and tails.   They are exercising and flapping their wings that span around… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Watch Us Grow

Weekly Nest Notes: Contemplating the Coming Events

Harriet and M15 add the finishing touches to the nest with soft grasses and moss for their eggs and with many strong sticks for rails to secure hatchlings. M15 has become the master nest builder finding the perfect nest materials and air plant gifts for Harriet. Harriet likes to observe and add her voice and choice of where she wants everything placed.  Harriet has been much of a homebody these days, perching on the outer branches of the nest tree watching the territory and preening. She may be savoring these… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Contemplating the Coming Events

Fish for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner- Nest Notes for Dec 30

Morning arrived early for Mom and her two awake, hungry and growing baby eaglets, E3 and E4. Both watched Mom as she flew to the Camera 2 tree and seemed to be saying “Hey Mom what about breakfast?” E3 and E4 are growing steadily and quickly. Dad took over nest duties. Harriet arrived shortly with a very large fish. Feeding commenced and the two little E’s wrestled their way to the food offerings by Mom. On Harriet’s return flight to the nest with the large fish she was vocalizing all… Read More »Fish for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner- Nest Notes for Dec 30

Intruders! Nest Activity, Videos & Photos for Dec 28

Mom had her sweet babies E3 and E4 snuggled in safely for the overnight hours. In the early morning Dad arrived to take over brooding and feeding their growing babies. Mom arrived a while later with a fresh fish to help sustain the hungry babies who wrestle one another for their turn at feeding. Although the eaglet’s struggle looks hurtful it is a necessary stage in their early development.  The day evolved into some dramatic and tense moments as a juvenile eagle and later a nearly adult eagle encroached on… Read More »Intruders! Nest Activity, Videos & Photos for Dec 28

Waiting and Watching- Nest Activity for Nov 20

The days are quickly approaching for Ozzie and Harriet’s baby eggs to begin hatching. Today was a quiet day at the nest that began with Ozzie taking over incubation duties early in the morning. Ozzie became restless looking for Harriet who returned around noon time.  Ozzie arrived on the nest close to sunset to give Harriet a break. She took advantage of the time off then quietly returned to the nest at 11:09 pm. Ozzie and Harriet are a magnificent team as they continue to care for their precious eggs… Read More »Waiting and Watching- Nest Activity for Nov 20

Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Prepares for Holidays Hatchlings

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Prepares for Holidays Hatchlings “Hatch Watch” kicks off with arrivals expected in time for the Holidays   FORT MYERS, Fla. (December 12, 2013) – The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFEC) is pleased to announce the area’s most beloved pair of bald eagles is expecting! Harriet’s two eggs, laid November 17 and November 20, are in the homestretch of the average 35 day incubation period. The veteran eagle parents, Harriet and Ozzie, have diligently taken turns incubating their young by maintaining the necessary 105… Read More »Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Prepares for Holidays Hatchlings

Nest Activity for Dec 6

Guarding, Incubating and Waiting SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Friday, December 6, 2013 Ozzie and Harriet began their vocal conversations before sunrise. Ozzie arrived at 5:56 am to take over incubating as Harriet flew off the nest. The foggy morning gave way to a very warm day at the nest. There were a few exchanges throughout the day as Ozzie and Harriet each had their turn caring for their precious eggs. The usually calm Ozzie seemed agitated today with the starlings and other birds flying to close for his liking. He took… Read More »Nest Activity for Dec 6

Breakfast in Bed (Eagle Edition)- Nest Activity for Nov. 29

Harriet’s overnight incubating duty lasted a little longer today. Ozzie delivered a nice headless fish breakfast to Harriet at 7:00 am….. SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Friday, November 29, 2013 She loudly called out as he approached with the food offering. Ozzie took over incubating their precious eggs as Harriet eagerly ate her fish. She saved the tail, her favorite part, for a later snack. Ozzie brought soft nest material and then a stick to the nest which he proceeded to put in place almost bowling over Harriet as she lay incubating… Read More »Breakfast in Bed (Eagle Edition)- Nest Activity for Nov. 29

Giving Thanks- Nest Activity for Nov. 28

As some of us took a day off to spend time with family and friends, we are thankful that Ozzie and Harriet were fulfilling their commitment to their future offspring. Harriet was on incubating duty over the chilly night time and early morning hours. Harriet’s body is larger than Ozzie’s and covers the whole nest bowl. Maybe it was a good idea to have a larger “furnace” keeping those precious eggs warm. Ozzie and Harriet, being the wonderful parents they are, took their turns at egg sitting throughout the day.… Read More »Giving Thanks- Nest Activity for Nov. 28

All In a Day’s Work..Daily Nest Summary for Nov 27

All In a Day’s WorkHarriet braved the wind and the rains in the overnight hours. SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Harriet spent nearly 15 hours diligently incubating her precious eggs. Harriet looked quite soggy in the early morning as she called for Ozzie’s relief of her nest duty. Ozzie promptly answered his mate’s calls and arrived from the Camera 2 tree. Ozzie and Harriet vocalized and seemed to be communicating what their schedule may be for the day. Harriet spent time soaring around the nest area. Ozzie spent… Read More »All In a Day’s Work..Daily Nest Summary for Nov 27