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Weekly Nest Notes: It is All on Eagle Time

Harriet stayed close to the nest she loves over the week. M15 was in a high gear searching far and wide for the perfect nest materials. He brought in large sticks and branches and a lot of grasses. M15 dug in and laid in the nest to get the fluff just right in preparation for their precious cargo. Harriet brought in boughs of her favorite fresh pine. They work with a sense of urgency to get it all done. Their frequent mating helps to insure fertilized eggs and also strengthens… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: It is All on Eagle Time

Eagle Education Continued- Weekly Nest Notes

E7 and E 8 are learning their Eagle lessons and are getting top honors. They use their beautiful wings to flap away in the breezes. E7 is catching good air time making it across the nest in sweeping fly hops. At times it looks as if E7 lands on a tree branch but it is one of the higher nest rails. Space becomes limited in the nest as they are nearly adult size and E8 let E7 know it wasn’t appreciated to be landed upon. Grasping and carrying things in… Read More »Eagle Education Continued- Weekly Nest Notes

New Routines: Nest Notes for Jan. 19-25

Harriet, Ozzie and E6 are adjusting to the new direction of Eagle Family life since the sudden and tragic passing of E5. Their bonds are stronger than ever. E6 has shown great motivation in day to day eaglet activities. E6 has been practicing wing flapping and leg strengthening exercises, all the things eaglets do on their way to becoming regal Eagles.  Harriet and Ozzie focus all their attention to the protection and nurturing of their precious E6. Great hunting resulted in many meals which E6 met with great excitement, peeping… Read More »New Routines: Nest Notes for Jan. 19-25

Life with Eaglets! Nest Notes for Jan 4-11

The first two weeks of Eagle life has provided nestlings E5 and E6 with many valuable lessons. Harriet and Ozzie are exceptional and well seasoned Eagle parents. They have successfully hunted and brought a smorgasbord of meals to the nest. Fish is the meal of choice but Ozzie’s keen eye for food opportunities allowed him to deliver opossum, duck and some items that remain a mystery. All meals were met with anticipation and excitement by E5 and E6 as they tracked the incoming food and wrangled their way to the… Read More »Life with Eaglets! Nest Notes for Jan 4-11

Dec 25-29 Nest Notes: And Now a Family of Four:

Joy into the world as Harriet and Ozzie’s family increased this week. After the dedicated and tireless incubation of their eggs over the last month or so, E5 arrived on Friday, 12/26/2014 at 12:59 PM and E6 on Saturday, 12/27/2014 at 11:28 AM. Harriet and Ozzie are very skilled Eagle parents whose duties will increase as they hunt for and feed their very hungry and rapidly growing young.  Ozzie was quick in his delivery of fish to stock up the nest for the new mouths to feed. Ozzie offered the… Read More »Dec 25-29 Nest Notes: And Now a Family of Four:

Almost Hatching Time: Nest Notes for Dec 14-20

 Harriet and Ozzie have many years of experience in eaglet rearing. They employ all their instincts and skills preparing for their soon to be baby eaglets. As the time draws closer to egg hatching, they work tirelessly taking turns on the nest incubating. Harriet took the opportunity to enjoy a few afternoons perched in the pasture trees preening and relaxing. She may sense the long hours and amount of energy needed to raise their young over the next several months. Ozzie and Harriet have a consistent rhythm sharing nest duties.… Read More »Almost Hatching Time: Nest Notes for Dec 14-20

Incubating & Waiting- Nest Notes for Dec 7-13

Cooler and crisper weather seemed to suit Harriet and Ozzie well this week. There were beautiful sunrises, stunning sunsets, lovely flights around the nest territory and a lot of activity in between. Perfectly timed flights into and away from the nest continued as Harriet and Ozzie tirelessly incubate their precious eggs. The time is drawing near for the rewards of their labor of love. Harriet assumes the majority of time on the nest incubating but Ozzie is always willing and eager to share in the duties. He has been diligent… Read More »Incubating & Waiting- Nest Notes for Dec 7-13

A Perfect Pair: Nest Notes for Nov. 30- Dec. 6

Harriet and Ozzie are a well tuned Eagle pair. Their vocals can be heard before dawn most mornings. Harriet calls out to her devoted mate Ozzie who arrives at the nest promptly, eager to take his turn incubating. He uses tender movements to roll and place the eggs in their proper place then lowers himself with a perfect shimmy. Harriet spends most overnight hours incubating but Ozzie has been viewed on the nest taking the night shift a few times. They are each so focused on the care of their… Read More »A Perfect Pair: Nest Notes for Nov. 30- Dec. 6

Thanksgiving at the Nest: Nest Notes for Nov. 22-29

It was day three since Egg number 1 arrived. Saturday morning began as many of the mornings do in the tall slash pine with vocal greetings between Harriet and Ozzie. Harriet had been incubating Egg number 1 during the overnight hours and was in need of a break. Harriet called out to her loyal mate Ozzie who perched nearby and who quickly arrived to take over his time on the nest. As the afternoon passed, Harriet returned to resume her nest duty and at 4:16 pm on November 22, 2014,… Read More »Thanksgiving at the Nest: Nest Notes for Nov. 22-29

Preparation and Anticipation: Nest Notes for the Week of Nov. 8-15

Harriet and Ozzie’s work is never done as they prepare for their offspring. There is still much to do before the eggs are laid. Ozzie’s focus has been constant and tireless perfecting the home for his family. His excellent skills have produced a safe and soft place for Harriet as the time approaches for her to lay eggs. It seems that there are never enough sticks for the outer rails of the nest and Ozzie continues to build, build, and build. The “strep up” branch is almost covered by all… Read More »Preparation and Anticipation: Nest Notes for the Week of Nov. 8-15