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Eagles Nest

SWFEC Nest Notes: Delivering Joy into the World (12/6/2022)

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Harriet and M15 have proven time and time again resilience throughout their journey. They faced losses over the years but remained driven to carry their legacy onward. The recent storm damaged the tree they call home and destroyed their nest. Harriet and M15 found a haven to safely ride out the horrendous weather and returned to their territory to begin reconstruction and renovation. Harriet and M15 powered through and built a beautiful nest.

Weekly Nest Notes: Time for Flying & Discovery

E15 and E16 were kept occupied by Dad as Mom was off on a mini-vacation. E15 has been exploring the pasture and beyond. E16 has been comfortable staying at the home front waiting for a meal to be delivered. At this point in an Eaglet’s life, Moms are usually ready for them to move on. Mom may be in the detaching process as her job raising her family is mostly done. Dad continues to feed and look out for the youngsters. M15 has been stellar providing for E15 and E16… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Time for Flying & Discovery

Weekly Nest Notes (Oct 22, 2019)- Securing the Home Front

Harriet and M15 are on a mission adding to the nest rail perimeter which is growing higher and higher.  M15 snags perfectly curved sticks from the nearby trees and Harriet finds a fresh sprig of pine to adorn their nest. M15 tests out the nest bowl, lying in it for a few minutes then flying off to gather softer grasses for the center.  As they make all the essential adjustments to their sprawling nest, their home front is looking strong and secure to contain soon to arrive feisty eaglets. Harriet… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes (Oct 22, 2019)- Securing the Home Front

Nest Notes Extra: Happy Mother’s Day Harriet!

Harriet savors her time of renewal as an active and successful nesting season winds down. She can be found at times perching in the far reaches of the territory enjoying a meal, relaxing and preening.  Her sights are still set on preservation of the home front as she makes occasional appearances and delivers sticks or fresh pine boughs to her nest. Harriet has selflessly given of herself and is the mainstay that holds her family together.  She reigns over her domain with control and fierceness balanced with nurturing and tenderness.… Read More »Nest Notes Extra: Happy Mother’s Day Harriet!

Weekly Nest Notes: It is All on Eagle Time

Harriet stayed close to the nest she loves over the week. M15 was in a high gear searching far and wide for the perfect nest materials. He brought in large sticks and branches and a lot of grasses. M15 dug in and laid in the nest to get the fluff just right in preparation for their precious cargo. Harriet brought in boughs of her favorite fresh pine. They work with a sense of urgency to get it all done. Their frequent mating helps to insure fertilized eggs and also strengthens… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: It is All on Eagle Time

Eagle Life in Bloom- Weekly Nest Notes

The season is in full swing as Harriet and M15 continue to add sticks to the railings and grasses to their nest. Harriet does her part bringing moss and fresh sprigs of pine needles. Discussions ensue over placement of the materials resulting in Harriet getting the say-so most times. M15 is more consistent with food deliveries for Harriet. Great care is taken in the meal department since there have been juvenile and subadult Eagles following M15 who might be looking to snag an easy lunch. These visitors possibly have traveled… Read More »Eagle Life in Bloom- Weekly Nest Notes

Nest Notes: Harriet Leads by Example

Photo by Jan WoodsPhoto by Jan Woods Harriet is a well seasoned Eagle partner and Mom. She has excelled in her ability to adapt to her challenges and raise her young. She has imprinted many lessons on to her offspring as they grew into strong juvenile Eagles who ventures off into the world. Harriet always seemed to rule the roost, so to speak. Female Eagles appear to be the dominant partner in Eagle family dynamics. We observed Harriet in her gentle but also firm ways in raising her young and… Read More »Nest Notes: Harriet Leads by Example

Exploring The Great Unknown- Weekly Nest Notes

The pasture was without the familiar “squees”. Harriet appeared to be searching. E6 had not returned to the nest area overnight and was not seen the next day. Had E6’s time to begin the biggest adventure arrived? Sentiments were mingled with sadness for one journey’s end and joy for the new journey ahead. E6 is well equipped with necessary skills to thrive in the realm of Eagle life. Harriet’s dedicated nurturing and education of E6 throughout the trial and tribulations in their lives has proven to be tremendously successful. As… Read More »Exploring The Great Unknown- Weekly Nest Notes

Trusting in Nature- Nest Notes for March 29-April 5

Eagle Life for Harriet and E6 has taken an interesting direction since Ozzie’s accident and stay in the wildlife clinic, C.R.O.W. The first week was filled with tense moments as several juvenile, sub adult and adult Eagles frequented the nest territory. E6 was entering the critical time of preparing for the initial flight from the nest tree. Harriet seemed visibly confused by the perceived loss of her mate but driven by her instinct to feed and protect E6. Harriet seemed to allow herself a few days to accept and adjust… Read More »Trusting in Nature- Nest Notes for March 29-April 5

First Flight & Freedom- Nest Notes for March 22-29

E6’s quest for the freedom of flight began this week with a strong takeoff from the nest tree, purposeful first trip around the front pasture and graceful landing in a nearby slash pine tree. E6 relished in the accomplishment for a while then flew back to the nest tree with a perfect landing on the “attic” branch. The new adventures continued throughout the week as E6 developed more stamina and confidence in new found flight skills. E6 discovered new trees in to perch in, performed beautiful sweeping flights and soared… Read More »First Flight & Freedom- Nest Notes for March 22-29