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Eagles Nest

Word of the Week: Wingersizing! Nest Notes for Feb. 15-22

E6 took full advantage of the windy and cooler weather conditions last week. The gusting breezes encouraged E6 to outstretch beautifully growing wings to flap, flap, flap and fly hop around the nest. E6’s wingspan is nearly reaching the edges of the nest which is about 6 feet across. E6 even managed to gain a bit of lift off in the cool wind. These activities will build strength in wing and leg muscles for the next stage of development. During E6’s “wingersize” sessions there’s not much room for Mom or… Read More »Word of the Week: Wingersizing! Nest Notes for Feb. 15-22

Showing Personality- Nest Notes for Feb. 2-8

It has been a very active week 6 for E6, Harriet and Ozzie. Harriet was in a green mood as she added several branches of fresh pine needles and pinecones to the nest. E6 found a lot of self entertainment picking up and moving sticks and pinecone tossing. E6’s inquisitive gestures and ever changing features are comical at times. Fish were the catches of the week and many were devoured by E6. One such still flopping fish was eager to leave the nest and soared overboard. Ozzie retrieved it and… Read More »Showing Personality- Nest Notes for Feb. 2-8

New Routines: Nest Notes for Jan. 19-25

Harriet, Ozzie and E6 are adjusting to the new direction of Eagle Family life since the sudden and tragic passing of E5. Their bonds are stronger than ever. E6 has shown great motivation in day to day eaglet activities. E6 has been practicing wing flapping and leg strengthening exercises, all the things eaglets do on their way to becoming regal Eagles.  Harriet and Ozzie focus all their attention to the protection and nurturing of their precious E6. Great hunting resulted in many meals which E6 met with great excitement, peeping… Read More »New Routines: Nest Notes for Jan. 19-25

Nest Notes: A TRIBUTE TO E5

Eagle life is lived moment by moment. These moments show how they cope with the quick turn of events in their lives. In what seems like an instant E5, an energetic, growing eaglet’s behavior changed. This was not the feisty E5 all have been observing. As submissive sibling E6 began showing signs of strength and courage, E5 was becoming frail. Mom and E6 cradled E5’s calm and quiet body as the brief life of E5 drifted away at 10:15 pm on January 20, 2015. Some native cultures believe Eagles were… Read More »Nest Notes: A TRIBUTE TO E5

Nature’s Life Lessons: Nest Notes for Jan 11-18

Nestmates E5 and E6 have settled into a routine during the first three weeks of their lives. Food is delivered, E5 becomes dominating over E6 and E5 gets the whole meal. Their instinct to fight for food is inherent. Harriet and Ozzie have an interesting style of parenting these two. They do not interfere in the battles beween E5 and E6. Observations may lead some to believe they are encouraging aggression in the eaglets. E5 and E6 appear to be soft and cuddly but they are raptor young and must… Read More »Nature’s Life Lessons: Nest Notes for Jan 11-18

A New Year! Nest Notes for Dec.28 -Jan 4

The New Year has begun. Harriet and Ozzie and hatchlings E5 and E6 have settled down into their new family roles. Ozzie, the great Provider, continues to deliver a wide variety of prey to feed hungry and growing E5 and E6. Harriet, the devoted Eagle Mom, took excellent care of her precious babies. Harriet and Ozzie both take eaglet rearing very seriously and they share feeding, brooding and protecting their babies. E5 and E6 were quick to learn how to wrestle for position to get to the food. They are… Read More »A New Year! Nest Notes for Dec.28 -Jan 4

Dec 25-29 Nest Notes: And Now a Family of Four:

Joy into the world as Harriet and Ozzie’s family increased this week. After the dedicated and tireless incubation of their eggs over the last month or so, E5 arrived on Friday, 12/26/2014 at 12:59 PM and E6 on Saturday, 12/27/2014 at 11:28 AM. Harriet and Ozzie are very skilled Eagle parents whose duties will increase as they hunt for and feed their very hungry and rapidly growing young.  Ozzie was quick in his delivery of fish to stock up the nest for the new mouths to feed. Ozzie offered the… Read More »Dec 25-29 Nest Notes: And Now a Family of Four:

Nest Notes: Christmas Miracles

Harriet and Ozzie patiently await the arrival of their special gifts. Hatching time for their eggs is nearing quickly. Harriet experienced balancing issues over the last several days. Not wanting to speculate what Harriet’s problem was, all were expecting a miracle and hoping for her quick recovery. Harriet’s strength, courage and dedication to her young are evident as she struggles to regain her health. Harriet enjoyed a bath in their pond and continued caring for her precious eggs. Ozzie kept a watchful eye and took extra care in his nest… Read More »Nest Notes: Christmas Miracles

Almost Hatching Time: Nest Notes for Dec 14-20

 Harriet and Ozzie have many years of experience in eaglet rearing. They employ all their instincts and skills preparing for their soon to be baby eaglets. As the time draws closer to egg hatching, they work tirelessly taking turns on the nest incubating. Harriet took the opportunity to enjoy a few afternoons perched in the pasture trees preening and relaxing. She may sense the long hours and amount of energy needed to raise their young over the next several months. Ozzie and Harriet have a consistent rhythm sharing nest duties.… Read More »Almost Hatching Time: Nest Notes for Dec 14-20

Incubating & Waiting- Nest Notes for Dec 7-13

Cooler and crisper weather seemed to suit Harriet and Ozzie well this week. There were beautiful sunrises, stunning sunsets, lovely flights around the nest territory and a lot of activity in between. Perfectly timed flights into and away from the nest continued as Harriet and Ozzie tirelessly incubate their precious eggs. The time is drawing near for the rewards of their labor of love. Harriet assumes the majority of time on the nest incubating but Ozzie is always willing and eager to share in the duties. He has been diligent… Read More »Incubating & Waiting- Nest Notes for Dec 7-13