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The Journey Ahead- Weekly Nest Notes

The day would come to say “Farewell” but it may not have been an easy task. E9 has made a lasting impression on all who watched from hatch, to fledge, to possibly the last time perching and sharing a meal with Mom and Dad. E9 became a formidable presence while practicing behaviors that will lead to hunting and defending from the attacking crows and grackles. Self preservation prevailed as E9 fearlessly stole food from Harriet despite efforts to keep her meal. All of these actions will help insure E9’s survival.… Read More »The Journey Ahead- Weekly Nest Notes

Exploring the Great Unknown: Nest Notes- April 12-19

E6 greets the early mornings with eagerness and is discovering new and interesting experiences within and outside the nest territory. E6’s curiosity and drive for adventure is apparent in the skies and on land at the pond bank. E6 enjoys lengthy flights sweeping through the clouds and back alone and at times with Mom. E6 even finds entertainment with the small knots and knurls on the tree branches landing on them, pulling off bits and pieces and at times tumbling off only to regain flight and try it all over… Read More »Exploring the Great Unknown: Nest Notes- April 12-19

Little E’s Big Adventure- Nest Notes, Videos & Photos for Jan 1

The New Year, 2014, came in with very loud bang. Harriet looked very disturbed and Ozzie was on the nest at her side in an instant. It appeared that the fireworks of the celebrations in the area were bothering them. Ozzie and Harriet became more on guard, vocalized often and focused in the nest tree for several hours after the noise subsided. Additional thoughts were that an owl was perched in the nest tree. Upon later review it was found that another eagle was perched on a branch higher in… Read More »Little E’s Big Adventure- Nest Notes, Videos & Photos for Jan 1

Sweet Moments- Nest Activity, Videos and Photos from Dec 24

Harriet and Ozzie’s baby eaglet came into the world very strong. E3 as it is called was observed throughout the night wobbling under Mom Harriet’s tender care. First light allowed a beautiful view of the sweet little creature. Harriet seemed to be adjusting to the new arrival and at the same time still incubating their second precious egg. Ozzie got his first glimpse of sweet E3 as he arrived to relieve Harriet for nest duty. Dad and baby eaglet shared a few intimate moments. Harriet brought a fish to the… Read More »Sweet Moments- Nest Activity, Videos and Photos from Dec 24

All is Calm- Nest Activity for Dec 18

Harriet had a late night out last night so her morning incubating time lasted a little longer. Ozzie treated his mate to a fish breakfast this morning. Harriet was very eager to eat her delivered meal. Harriet returned for her second round of egg sitting and was treated again by Ozzie with a second course of his freshly caught fish before noon.. There were beautiful flights to and from the camera 2 tree in the afternoon. All was calm at Ozzie and Harriet’s nest today. After sunset,Harriet returned for her night… Read More »All is Calm- Nest Activity for Dec 18

No FLY Zone: Nest Activity for Dec 11

Ozzie and Harriet are serious defenders of their territory and nest. Ozzie took the night shift incubating and went into a protective mantle over those precious eggs when possibly an owl swept over the nest. At 5:05 am, Harriet quietly tip-taloned onto the nest where Ozzie now seemed to be content in his overnight nest duties. Ozzie remained perched close by on the “porch” branch protecting his family. The camera capture of a falling star in the predawn sky was a beautiful backdrop. Early afternoon warning calls were heard from… Read More »No FLY Zone: Nest Activity for Dec 11

Nest Activity for Dec 6

Guarding, Incubating and Waiting SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Friday, December 6, 2013 Ozzie and Harriet began their vocal conversations before sunrise. Ozzie arrived at 5:56 am to take over incubating as Harriet flew off the nest. The foggy morning gave way to a very warm day at the nest. There were a few exchanges throughout the day as Ozzie and Harriet each had their turn caring for their precious eggs. The usually calm Ozzie seemed agitated today with the starlings and other birds flying to close for his liking. He took… Read More »Nest Activity for Dec 6

Taking Turns & Teamwork

Southwest FL Eagle Cam Daily Summary Saturday, November 23.2013 As the day begins to dawn Harriet lay peacefully calling out as if she knew Ozzie was close by. She may have be letting him know that his day “shift” of nest tending and egg incubating was about to begin. Shortly after Harriet departed from the nest Ozzie did arrive to take over his duties. Harriet returned a while later with some soft nest material. They both constantly bring reinforcements for the nest bowl and the nest itself. At one of… Read More »Taking Turns & Teamwork

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam DAILY SUMMARY Monday November 18, 2013 The Object of Their Affection The first day of Ozzie and Harriet’s egg arrival was filled with activity and excitement. Much energy is expended during egg formation and the laying process . Throughout the night and early morning Harriet lay in the nest. At 3:53 am Ozzie took over his duties of egg tending. Ozzie seemed a little unsettled, possibly readjusting to his roll of incubating. He cautiously rolled the egg, placed it perfectly and nestled in to keep it… Read More »

Summary: Nest Activity – Monday, November 11, 2013

Didn’t get to watch the cams yesterday? Here is what you missed: Morning: Vocal greetings began early at 4:00am nest time. Ozzie arrived at the nest before dawn and began his nest bowl fluffing. Harriet arrived shortly after and proceeded to help. Ozzie really likes to do this task himself so an early morning discussion with vocals and “beaking” took place for a while. Harriet seemed to win this argument as Ozzie left her to try out the nest bowl with a shimmy of her own. Ozzie’s day was filled with… Read More »Summary: Nest Activity – Monday, November 11, 2013